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Monday, March 26, 2018

My Muscle Heart Lyrics

Artist: Yuuya Kobayashi (コバヤシユウヤ)
Lyrics: Lettuce Shichijou (七条レタス)
Vocals: Momiji Yamamoto (山本椛) (monotone)

守りたい My Loving World (mamoritai My Loving World)


譲れないものひとつ 持ってるんだ (yuzurenai mono hitotsu motteru'nda)
それは 託された約束 (sore wa takusareta yakusoku)
誰にも破れない 誓いだから (dare ni mo yaburenai chikai dakara)
二人こんなに もつれ合っても (futari kon'nani motsure atte mo)


私のこの身がいつか (watashi no kono mi ga itsuka)
脳まで筋肉になっても (nou made kin'niku ni natte mo)
胸を張って 拳握って 振り絞った勇気が (mune o hatte kobushi nigitte furi-shibotta yuuki ga)
息苦しくないに (ikigurushikunai ni)
熱くなる My Muscle Heart (atsukunaru My Muscle Heart)


私を包む贅肉が (watashi o tsutsumu zeiniku ga)
一人じゃ抱えきれなくなったら (hitori ja kakae kirenaku nattara)

私に魔法をかけて (watashi ni mahou o kakete)
揺るがない力が湧くように (yuruganai chikara ga waku you ni)
寄り切って 突っ張って 押し出されたこの身が (yorikitte tsukidatte oshidasareta kono mi ga)
泥まみれになったって (doro mamire ni nattatte)
守りたい My Loving World (mamoritai My Loving World)


English translation
I want to protect, my loving world

"Oh, um, uh, from this day onwards, this town
 shall be given over to me, the great Takemikazuchi!"

"What now, if this goes on our town would have been taken over!"

There is the one and only thing I will not give up
That would be promises committed to me
Since I have sworn to let no one break it
Not even when the two come entangled together like this

"Nakata-chan! Time to transform into the muscular magical girl!"
"I-I don't really get what's going on, but here goes nothing!
 Puroro, Protera, Proterali
 Witness this Magical Pump Up!"
"How's this? Such stunning muscular beauty
 Magical Girl, Takeminakata!"
"Hmph, that transformation is useless anyway
 Commence the battle of strength, and should I win
 This town shall be handed over at once"
"I would not let that happen
 Come as usual and let the battle begin!"

Since whenever this body of mine
Has become muscles even to the brain
Stretch your heart, hold your fist, the courage mustered up
Could not have been stifled
It is heating up, my muscle heart

"Oh~ no~"
"With a Front Force-out, it's Nakata-chan's victory!"
"Hold on, what is this supposed to be
 Isn't that against how the story goes?"
"When you conquer your muscles, you can conquer mythology too
 Kazuchi-chan, why not do some muscle training together too?"

The heavy flesh that envelops me
Could not be held in only one person's arms

Cast that magic on myself
And let the unwavering force wells up
Force yourself forward, exchange your thrusts, the forward pushes served to this body
Had me covered with mud
I want to protect, my loving world

"I'm Kazuchi Takemi from Takama-ga-hara High. Pleased to meet you."
"Eeeh!? Kazuchi-chan is the transfer student!?"
"On the next episode of Muscular Magical Girl Takeminakata,
 'Rival as the Transfer Student?'"
"Let me also give your heart, a Magical Pump Up!"

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