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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Song of the Week! 30 December 2017

For the last song feature of 2017, let's chronicle the story of the very last permanent-deletion tune of this closing year, which -believe it or not- does not involve the arcade scene, for once...

 Tutti! (トゥッティ!) Hibike! Euphonium
Allx3 (90)x4 (125)x4 (251)x7 (430)
 Taiko PS Vita

One of V Version's free promo songs of its launch window, Tutti! has left a marking of its own in V Version due to the fact of being (thus far) the only song deletion that has occurred in both versions of said game, being no longer downloadable after June 30th of this year. While not being as timely as other "permanent-series-deletion" features we did on this corner before, let's give it one final salute, together with this closing year...

Titled with the Italian word for "Everyone!", this is the ending theme that has been used for the Season 1 Anime transposition of the Hibike! (lit. 'Sound!') Euphonium (響け! ユーフォニアム) light novel series by Ayano Takeda (武田綾乃). The original 4-volumes visual novel focuses on the Kitauji High School Music Club, a renowned concert club in the Japanese city of Uji, Kyoto. Despite its victorious past on nation-wide competitions, the club had a quality decline with the change of its adviser, to the point of not even being able to qualify for the school-tier competition; with the hiring of a new and stricter adviser, the Kitauji music club's members strive  to reach the club's performing highs of the past, while also dealing with its members' issues inside and outside the school life.

With the original light novel's run spanning from December 2013 to May 2015, the series has been picked up by the Kyoto Animation studio for the production of any animated media that is based on Hibike! Euphonium, consisting of two 13-episodes seasons, one OVA and four movies (of which one is going to be released next year). A manga transposition of the series was also penned by the nick-named Hami and published on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Web online platform between 2014-2015, ending up in a physical 3-tankobon edition later on.

Tutti is used as the ending theme of the anime series' first season episodes, with the exception of episode 8 and the season finale. Composed/written by the nick-named ZAQ and arranged by Akira Takada (高田暁), the song is sung by the fictional Kitaura Quartet, consisting of the Kitauji school band's main four performers: Kumio Oumae, Hazuki Katou, Sapphire 'Midori' Kamashima and Reina Kousaka, respectively dubbed by Tomoyo Kurosawa (黒沢ともよ), Ayaka Asai (朝井彩加), Moe Toyota (豊田萌絵) of general music game fame (as navigator Linka's voice in the Groove Coaster series) and Chika Anzai (安済知佳). Speaking of Groove Coaster again, the Taito music game series is the only other one which features Tutti! as a playable song (link), featuring the original voice in par to the Taiko series's porting of the original version.

Charted by Matsumoto (マツモト), this is one of the Anime genre's Oni speed demons that 'plays it safe' with its notechart composition, mostly relying for its difficulty on its fast-speed stamina drainer factor as opposed to its more intuitive charting schemes of single notes and 2-kinds-of-note-clusters-triplets approach.

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