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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Almost Transient Mysteries: Soroban, Dark Turn Rises

So now that everyone knows that what Yuu-ge-ra-sai-kyou might have meant, Taiko Team deem it suitable for Yellow ver., of all timing, to renew the hidden messages in Soroban 2000.

Soroban 2000 Morse Code: Taiko no Tatsujin Yellow Version
Oni: 血で血を洗う歴史は封印された 穏やかな時が流れた しかしいつまでも平穏*は続かない 新たな脅威が迫っている ほらそこまで
The history where blood will have blood has been sealed. Steadily do time flows. Yet, stability does not continue into eternity. A new threat is imminent. See, that's it.

*平穏 (stability) should have been read as へいおん hei'on, but the actual notechart shortened the long vowel pair into only へおん he'on.

What could this mean though? The no Ran Series that makes the alleged appearance from the previous Oni fork, with "no Ran" has been referring to wars in historic contexts, has heavy hints of violence. By that vein, it would have implied that "the time for (crazy songs/notecharts) has stopped, but soon they will make a comeback".

For alternate interpretations, share with us below or anywhere you can reach us.

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