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Saturday, April 1, 2017

[SITE] - Early Spring's Major Blog Update

Before starting this out-of-schedule update notice, as usual, I personally want to thank every single one of our readers, be it 1-time viewers or recurring visitors, who've been coming to our humble web space for the latest scoops about the Taiko no Tatsujin series; the passion and dedication to the overall music game scenario is what has inspired the inception of this very blog, but your renewed interest is what it made it flourish up to this day (and counting!).

It's also for the very same passion-driven motifs leading all of us so far that we're announcing a full blog overhaul project, so that we can further expand on one of the driving forces that are moving the entire Japanese rhythm games scenario forward.

We deem this change so important, in fact, that we're leaving our new main topic behind a jump. We invite you to delve further as we unveil Taiko Time's new raison d'etre.

The time has come. Meet the man.

Nay, the giant.

Nay, the legend.

File:Tsugumi Kataoka.jpg

Who you're seeing in this picture is Tsugumi Kataoka (片岡嗣実), one of the leading pioneers of rhythm games song-making scenario that reminded the playing audience of the most lighthearted side of punching notes to a rhythm, time and time again. As we don't want to see the permanent loss of an humorous-inspired musical production in the overall music game scenario, we'll be converting the blog into a forge of trivia about anything Kataoka-related, in order to share with the world a bit of the "Serious Fun" injected in his many, many songs.

Of course, we won't just simply trash all the work we've done so far: right now we're working at an archive web space to put the blog's current content into a separate space, accessible anytime. In order to make for an easier transition, we've also made a handful of posts in the spirit of the old Taiko Time's family of features, so that we can start together this brand new adventure on familiar-looking fields.

We don't know where this new exciting journey will lead us, but we truly hope to take on this new quest together with our audience in a field that transcends the mere mentions of single music game series. Let the greatness begin!



For all the futurenauts reading this line: nope, this isn't going to happen due to April Fools shenanigans! You can, however feel free to check out the other related spoof articles to our little prank:

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