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Monday, April 17, 2017

[RANDOM] - Not-Namco Idols with Namco Artists

It doesn't happen very often to see songs from NAMCO SOUNDS composers branching out to external music game series... let alone brand new tracks, for that matter! This, however, is the scenario that is bound to happen later this month for Sega's Chunithm series.

We've seen for a while how the not-Vocaloid-related music game franchises have started to feature a proprietary idol unit in the past that goes by the name of Irorimidori (イロドリミドリ), and after some iDOLM@ster songs getting ported to the earliest maimai builds it's now the turn of one Namco musician to contribute for this cause! More specifically, Hiroshi Okubo (大久保博) has been in charge of the arrangement direction of the latest Irorimidori track (Tic Tac DREAMIN'), which is about to be publicly released later this week.

For those who are curious enough for a song preview, head over to this tweet!

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