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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

First Video: Yellow ver. Release Rush!

Unlike past releases, there is nothing secret to be unveiled with the Yellow ver. update, so let's round them up in a classic First Video post. And for the sake of search engine optimization, we'll order the songs in popularity, starting with:

シオカラ節 Calamari Inkantation (2/4/5/7, 432 notes on Oni)
Hanging doubles and a healthy hand of triples lets you rave with the Squid Sisters. Singular 24th at the end. Why no force squid dancers though okay Namco?

全力バタンキュー Zenryoku Batankyu (2/4/6/8, 528 notes on Oni)
9-hit and more streams and consecutive triples at 16th separation makes our highest rated licensed of the day.

アローラ!! Alola!! (2(S)/3/4/7, 400 notes on Oni)
At a medium-high end of the Pokemon Anime notechart spectrum, this feature reasonable yet quite closely put 16th triples.

好きな人がいること Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto (3/4/6/7, 310 notes on Oni)
Skip beat alert with a not uncommon slew 24th doubles. This is significantly faster than out last skip-beat J-POP in Soup, but that one has more 5-hits and not here.

クリスマスソング Christmas Song (3/4/5/7, 446 notes on Oni) (video Baizoku and muted)
Note to community: back number songs are also heavily struck, but for a feel of how it should be, try using the official short version music video together with this. Slow ballad with a basis of 12th notes, and just slightly faster at the chorus that doesn't really hardens things up.

黒い猫の歌 Kuroi Neko no Uta (3/3/4/6, 343 notes on Oni)
Official short version music video in case this also mutes, but again a slow ballad, this time on a 8th- and 16th-separation basis.

+♂ (プラス男子 Plus Danshi) (900 notes on ★9 Ura Oni)
Another Giga/Reol feat. Kagamine Len to get the ultra-boosted Ura Oni. With 24th right at the onset and generally more clusters at the 16th level. Is that "tightest large notes separation" after the largest balloon a mistake though? It looks kinda weird.

エビカニクス Ebikanics (2(S)/2/3/6, 353 notes on Oni)
Easiest pick of the day is the kids-focused workout song. At a moderate speed with 8th-plus-16th, but with a good selection of patterns to make it more fulfilling. I still expect some kind of ultra hidden Ura Oni that is just quoting patterns from Evidence of evil and The Carnivorous Carnival.

願いはエスペラント Negai wa Esperanto (4/6/6/7, 507 notes on Oni)
Lightest Namco Original of the day for the adorably good feels. Mostly 8ths and gradually sprinkling some basic 16th clusters later on.

さよならワーリャ Sayonara Varya (4/5/7/9, 546 notes on Oni)
It might look like your typical entry from the YMY RPG series, but the meat comes after the midpoint with speed-ups and up to 24th separations.

Turquoise Tachometer (4/6/8/9, 835 notes on Oni)
A tachometer is a device to measure rotational speed, usually seen in motors and more. With a racing-theme song going around that concept, of course by-stanza speeding up is to be expected here.

UNDEAD HEART (怒りのWarriors Ikari no Warriors) (5/7/8/10(F), 1134 notes on Oni Master Route)
Overall just very fast (over 200 BPM) and even just the variety of 16th clusters would have been a hard time for some, and then there is the long streams starting from the middle bridge guitar solo, not to mention the 24ths joining the fray after the second chorus.

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