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Monday, March 20, 2017

Behind the Drums: Silver Forest

Silver Forest logo

Silver Forest is a music-oriented Touhou Project doujin group which was founded in 2006 by the nicknamed NYO, who is the arranger and lyricist of all of the unit's compositions. The act started with the also-nicknamed Sayuri (さゆり) and Aki (アキ) as the main vocalists, but the former had to leave the unit in 2012 due to her health condition's worsening, ultimately resulting in the unit being temporarily disbanded on May of the same year. The Silver Forest circle returned in 2013 with both returning and new singers subscribed to the act and it's currently active to this day.

Although the circle has been mainly involved for the porting of their most popular Touhou Project arrangements in many music game series, Silver Forest's contribution to the Taiko no Tatsujin series mostly comes in form of Namco Original works.


Unless otherwise specified, all the songs are arranged and lyricised by NYO.

  • Kero⑨destiny (ケロ⑨destiny) - lyrics: bit, vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Namco Original
  • Chiheisen no Aeolia (地平線のエオリア) - vocals contribution only: Natsumi (なつみ)
  • Mugen no Sora (夢幻の蒼空) - lyrics: NYO/Shiba InuP▽・×・▽ (しばいぬP▽・×・▽)
  • Yami no Mahou Shoujo (闇の魔法少女) - lyrics: NYO/Shiba InuP▽・×・▽ (しばいぬP▽・×・▽), vocals: Aki (アキ)
  • Negai wa Esperanto (願いはエスペラント) - vocals: Aki (アキ)
Other Music Games

  • Sora ni Mae, Sumizome no Sakura (蒼空に舞え、墨染の桜)
  • Phantasm Brigade
  • Sweet little Lily
  • sweet little sister
Groove Coaster
  • Keep the Faith
  • Faint Love
  • Seishoujo Sacrifical (聖少女サクリファイス)
  • Material of Puppets

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