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Friday, February 3, 2017

[RANDOM] - Prime-time TeleTaiko... For Reals

While we're making the usual image-based recap of the latest livestream, here's a little something that we fished out from the Web about a Japanese series that is somehow related to yesterday's Taiko Team broadcast... believe it or not!

The months-old tweet above this writing comes from the account that was made to promote the Japanese Fantasy/Comedy series Yūsha Yoshihiko to Maō no Shiro (勇者ヨシヒコと魔王の城, lit. "The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle"), airing on TV Tokyo since 2011 and counting 3 seasons as of today. In one of the latest one's episodes, an assembly of characters faces in the woods the most fierce of cave protectors... a Don-Chan figure. The shenanigans following the discovery are something unique, so watch the clip above for yourself as we sure don't want to spoil the fun!

That said, how is this clip related to yesterday's livestream run? You just wait and see...

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