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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Namco Taiko Blog (2 February 2016) - Another Day With the Taiko Team


Right before today's Taiko Team live is the return of the picture-based feature that premiered last year! Apparently the Team managed to drag Daifuku once again to write about the going-ons of today's topic, too.

Opening with the picture at the top, today's feature is called the "We Will Attend the Event" edition, as the following recreates the usual flow of thoughts that appears when planning with the others some public Taiko appearances. Daifuku also joined said discussion!

"In the next event at ** there will be a lot of people-don!"
"In that case, it would be better to include songs that people coming to ** would enjoy."
"How about this song?"
"Don't appeal with new songs alone! We want to have more fun than just playing songs!!"
"Piyopiyo (chirping)"

Once again, this kind of speech leads to debates lasting three days and three nights, with coupled interchanges within selected members of the Team.


"Maru Momo wants me to prepare the chassis to use in the event."
"What should I do?"
"Consult with the programmer, I want you to prepare a version that is specifically built for the event-don!"
"Don't ask me, da-don! Ask Take*to!!"


"Calcutta (the green Taiko plushie) thinks about the management of the day of the event."
"What is the administration schedule?"
"What kind of layout (visual arrangement) will put the chassis on? Where will you line up?
Who from the Taiko Team will come to join the party? Etc Etc... In order to have a nice event,
we have to arrange these things in advance-don."
"It seems to be difficult-don..."
"Do it. Do what can you do with Calcutta-don. Collaborate with the publicity department-don."


"And so the whole management of the event's schedule is proceeding without delays, da-don."
"Donghyaa! It looks like something difficult"
"Don't worry. Why don't you go talking with everyone-ka? You should go see it it for yourself."
"I knew it-don. By the way, what are you going to do?"
"Katsu, it's still early for that-don. We still have many things to do left"

In addition to similar chit-chatter, there are additional aspects to discuss for the event's success, such as:

  • When (and how) it's decided to announce the contents of the event
  • Carrying out all the transport-related preparations (proper housing/loading for the cabinets's transport via truck)
  • Make detailed consultations with the event's organizers, and so on.
When the day of the event finally comes, it's fun times for everyone!


"The chickpiece is here-don! It's part of the staff to guide customers!"

"When this is done, I'm checking the enclosure-don!"

In fact, it's one of the Taiko Team member's duty to follow the material's moving and installation/retrieval process in order to ensure the safest material-handling actions as possible. We sure don't want that the information desk or any other scenery panel falls over any visitor of the event, that's for sure!

The Team also take care of the suggestions received by the visitors in order to make future events even more fun, so don't be shy to voice them your opinion if you see them live!

This image-based segment about the setting up of a public event has its meaning in its time and place, as the details to the very next Taiko-enhanced event -JAEPO 2017- are going to be revealed in the incoming livestream broadcast! See you there.


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