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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Behind the Drums: Suga Shodai @ Kan


Born December 23, 1988, Suga Shodai (菅翔大) is a notecharter that has been in activity since the release of the final Wii game (Chogouka-ban), under the nickname of Kan (カーン). His charting motto is "to spread the goodness of technical notation", as it's a recurring trend to spot multiple time signatures for the cluster featured in his charts. Due to him being hired nearly at the same time as rookie notecharter Nocchi, it's not too uncommon to see the two collaborating for the creation of many chart sets.

Outside from the charting roles, his role in the Team has filled many shoes from time to time, from attending to key points in the arcade Taiko tourneys to deciding the course content/clear criteria for the arcades' Dojo Ranking mode (from Momoiro Version onward). It's been reported that his job actually keeps him working in a department that is different from the one where most of the Taiko Team members usually work in, but further details are still unknown for the time being.


  • Tsukema Tsukeru (つけまつける)
  • Nijiiro no Sensou (虹色の戦争)
  • Kero⑨destiny (ケロ⑨destiny)
  •  Senbonzakura (千本桜)
  • Children Record (チルドレンレコード)
  • Yobanashi Deceive (夜咄ディセイブ)
  • Kohi no Aji to (珈琲の味と)
  • Karamari no Hana (カラ鞠の花)
  • Roku-Chounen to Ichiya Monogatari (六兆年と一夜物語)
  •  Pavane for a Dead Princess ~Kimi no Kodou~ (亡き王女のパヴァーヌ ~きみのこどう~)
  • Dokadoka (弩蚊怒夏)
    Game Music
    • RAGE v. self
    • Tales of Xillia Medley (テイルズ オブ エクシリア メドレー)
    • Highschool love!
    • The Orb Festival
    • Oshiete Kumatomo (おしえて くまとも)
    Namco Original
    •  Zero no Nocturne (零の夜想曲)
    •  Tanhou ~Blooming~ (綻放 ~Blooming~)
    •  Haryu (春竜 ~Haryu~) - co-charted with Etou (エトウ)
    •  Nightmare Survivor (ナイトメア・サバイバー)
    • junction
    • Yozakura Braiders (夜櫻ブレヰダアズ)
    • Uso-uso Doki (うそうそ時)

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