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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[RUMOR] - Taiko no Tatsujin Coming to the Nintendo Switch?

The big guessing game that is rumor-mongering about Nintendo's next home console and its software lineup is roaring wild for a while since the announcement of a worldwide presentation slated for this week. Sure enough, we too now have a reason to chime into this hot topic!

From an allegedly-leaked pamphlet for the week-end hands-on Nintendo Switch event that is planned for Japanese audiences, it's possible to spot in the picture above a mention to a Taiko no Tatsujin game for the Nintendo Switch, with its stand being located on the left to the Monster Hunter one (that is the one that has been circled up in the picture above). With rumors of the system itself being a region-free platform, will the incoming news load about the system confirm what potentially is the best-case scenario for Taiko players from both Japan and the rest of the world?

UPDATE 1: Zoomed-in detail. Title rumored to be Taiko no Tatsujin Switch Edition! (太鼓の達人 Switchえでぃしょん!). Official release of playable titles and programming to be available on January 13 after Nintendo Direct presentation on Switch main site. (source)

UPDATE 2:The dream is over, as the author of this rumor has revealed that this was, in fact, one of the many fake rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch. Better luck next time?

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