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Friday, October 14, 2016

Twitter Snippets (12-14 October 2016) - Random Composer Facts, Round 2

Following up from last week's appearances on Twitter, this week we've seen another couple of revelations that have been worthy of Taiko Team retweeting, and this time both of them are for commissioned future song work reveals for Taiko gaming! The first one above comes from Go Takuro (郷拓郎), one of the two members of the independent unit detune.; his latest contribution as of now is the composition of Tanqun Democracy song Natsumono☆.

Our 2nd reveal comes from the mother-and-daughter couple of Honoka and Kikuo Inoue, both of which have been hired for the creation of a future Namco Original song. While we've heard Honoka quite a lot in the genre since White Version's inception, this will be the first Namco Original starring Kikuo!

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