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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Taiko Time 6th Anniversary: Event Results and Talkback

Thanks for everyone who submitted to the anniversary events! Here are the results now! The quiz answers and a Hall of Fame sort of gallery can also be found after the jump.

...the thing is though, it appears that we maybe haven't specified too well that some of you might have played different notecharts in the tournament than intended. No matter though all in the good fun for the anniversary, and we just listed everyone's results with adjusted maximums this time. We'll make sure we make the rules clearer the next time we hold something like this.

All in all though, thanks once again for the continued support, and here's to more years of both Taiko no Tatsujin and the blog!

Taiko Time 6th Anniversary Quiz Results
(No submissions)-----------

Taiko Time 6th Anniversary Tournament Results
Popularity's Trial
Yandrak45705020/708360 (PSP1)
761570/790580 (PSP2)


Trainee's Trial
Participantウィリアム・テル序曲太鼓乱舞 皆伝Total
Jesse992640/995570 (3DS3)
1024770/1049020 (3DS2)
(Master Route)

Roa916110/995570 (3DS3)
824500/1049020 (3DS2)
(Master Route)


Accuracy's Trial
ParticipantタイコタイムKARMA (Tatsujin Mix)Total
(Ura Oni)

Taiko Time 6th Anniversary Quiz Answers
(1) Find out the song behind these partially-completed SotW tables:

Katsushika Rhapsody ~Yamu Yamu Version~ (葛飾ラプソディー ~ヤムヤムVersion~) Kochikame
Allx2 (80)x2 (114)x4 (210)x6 (296)
 Taiko 6, Taiko PS2 4

 Taiko Session ~Live Version~
All--x5 (156)x6 (230)x8 (230)
 Taiko PS2 2
NB. The other song that has a ★6 Muzukashii with 230 notes is ALONES, but it has a Kantan in its AC10 inclusion.

 Coffee no Aji to (珈琲の味と) Harunaba feat. GUMI
Allx4 (166)x5 (248?)x6 (430)x9 (926)
 Taiko 0 Sorairo, Taiko Wii U3
 ??? (not known yet)
NB. The other song by Harunaba and has 9xx notes in Oni is Tabaneito, but its Kantan is ★5.

 Neraiuchi (狙いうち)
Allx4 (166)x5 (209)x6 (382)x8 (616)
 Taiko iOS
NB. Other 616-note Onis would not have worked because: (1) GERMINATION has a star cut on Oni in iOS (hence should have two rows); (2) Senpuu no Mai [Heaven] has a Sou-uchi/Double Play Oni notechart and a star cut in Futsuu (and it has three rows), and (3) Daidara 8551 Muzukashii has 455 notes not 3xx.

(2) "Thank god you're back! I can't find anything last year and was in such a pickle! The last time I stumbled upon one of those Series pages but I forgot which exactly. What I do remember is that:
  • more than half of the songs have English letters in them, but not all the songs do
  • among all the latest Oni ratings, there are more 8s than 7s, and more 9s than 10s
  • at least one song from the series appeared in 9 out of the 10 arcade firmware versions.
Oh no I gotta go now, so just tell me how many 5-star ratings are among the latest ratings, Thanks!"

Ans.: The Song Series Showcase in question is Taito video game songs with:
  • 13 out of 14 has English letters in the title; Kage no Densetsu (影の伝説) is the exception
  • there are one ★7, five ★8, six ★9 and three ★10 current Oni ratings.
  • the 10 last firmwares would be AC13, AC14 and all eight AC0 builds, but there are no Taito songs in AC14.
Counting all the songs should give you seven current 5-star ratings (DADDY MULK Futsuu, CAPTAIN NEO Kantan, PENETRATION Kantan and Futsuu, Extreme MGG★★★ Oni (regular), FUJIN Rumble Kantan and Good-bye my earth Futsuu).

(3) Sympho-Neighbours and Sonority Scouts are new this year! Name four music/rhythm games that do not share any song with any Taiko no Tatsujin game ever.
Ans.: Some examples that we have came up are Deemo, VOEZ, Dynamix, Rhythm Heaven (series) and Rhythm Thief R.
NB. Thanks to Game Music Triangle and multiple Tenkaichi Otogesai, original songs has been passed around arcade scenes. Plus popular tunes like most J-POP and Anime and conflict also took out a lot of the remaining.

(4a) Assume you live in the Saitama region, and one arcade center near your residence (i.e. you can walk there and not have to pay for travelling) has AC0 cabinets that runs on 100 yen for 3-song credits and Tokkun Mode at 290 Banacoins extra. Assume you also have all of Wii U, 3DS and PS Vita consoles but you do not have any of the Taiko games. What is the highest number of times you can play Yuugen no Ran on those AC0, for the same money you would need to buy the cheapest access to Yuugen no Ran on any one console?

Ans.: Yuugen no Ran can be found on three consoles:
  • 3DS3 DLC: (4800 yen + free DLC before Aug. 31) +8% tax = 5184 yen (best)
  • Wii U3 hidden: 5300 yen +8% tax = 5724 yen
  • Vita1 DLC: (5690 yen + 500 yen) +8% tax = 6685 yen
And on the arcade you can either play normal Performance Game or Tokkun Mode:
  • Performance Game: 100 yen for 3 times (best)
  • Tokkun Mode: (290 Banacoins + 100 yen) for (8 min. / 2 min.)+1 time
    = 413 yen for 5 times
So in total you can play (5184 yen / 100 yen) x 3 = 153 times (you can't play with the odd 84 yen). If you specify after the free 3DS3 DLC campaign, then you should get 171 times instead.

(4b) Now assume you live in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and is close to Namco Wonder Park Plus in World Trade Centre, and the same prices apply (except Hong Kong does not have Tokkun Mode), what is the maximum number of times here then?

Ans.: Trick question! That Namco Wonder Park Plus location has been closed for more than 3 years now, and AC0 has not got to Hong Kong at that time. :(

(5) Name two songs featured in videos that went viral in a "look at this guy playing Taiko in this awesome/crazy manner" fashion.

Ans.: In addition to Saitama 2000 and Angel Dream by the "dude who rocks out on Taiko", there is also Yawaraka Sensha played by both "God of Akihabara" (blindfolded, back-facing and Doron) and sumo wrestler Sho Tanikawayama. The "God of Akihabara" also previously played Memeshikute and DON'T CUT with one man playing both sides of a 2-player session.

(6) All but one out of the following J-POP and Anime genre songs have/had been subject to copyright takedowns or muting in relation to Taiko no Tatsujin. Choose the one song that has been takedown-free.

Ans.: Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. There have been consistent reports of Taiko no Tatsujin gameplay videos of Telecastic fake show, ANTI-HERO, PON PON PON and Ikenai Borderline being muted on YouTube. Blue Bird here is calling back to our Naruto: Shippuden series being taken down in collateral damage of a DMCA action against illegal anime distributors (okay this is going to one of the last times we talk about this).

Taiko Time 6th Anniversary Tournament Hall of Fame



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  1. Thank you very much for the opportunity, and for the gift! I hope that the next time we will be more participants ^.=.^