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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sonority Scouts - 3rd Tenkaichi Otogesai, Newcomers Round

The big event that made people cheer in joy two years ago is back, with the third iteration featuring a quartet of songs that -for the time being- are exclusive to their proprietary franchises.

As this very edition of the Otogesai had brought some hope of seeing the post-1st year transplants to come in other franchises in the future, let's see the other AOU-exclusive picks for the 2016 edition's first phase songs!

In order of reveal from the 3rd Tenkaichi Otogesai livestream, SOUND VOLTEX's Kyouken comes  first, being the only brand-new collaborative effort of 2+ people for this edition. Apparently it's so hard that even early video recorder troopers like the one shown above can't master it without errors!

If hangin' on the edge of tomorrow is more like you cup of tea, here's Jun Senoue's Nitrous Fury, coming from the artist's second solo album -THE WORKS II- of February this year. With Ikuo Shibutani at the bass and the nick-named Act. at the drums, it truly does great service to both Sega fans and maimai players!

Closing the newcomer Otogesai quartet is ZUNTATA member MASAKI with Scarlet Blade, his 2nd work since joining the Taito in-house musician unit. Much like the other external Otogesai songs, this one has the highest rating possible on its hardest mode (Hard for Groove Coaster), which for this song is translated into aggressive repeating patterns and dashes of 1/24 note trickery.

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