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Thursday, October 13, 2016

First Video: Red ver. Update (V4.05/Asia V2.02) New Songs

It's a Game Music bonanza with today's Red ver. update, and so is our First Video coverage! Remember to also check back tomorrow for the AOU-exclusive pick, but first...

Addendum (2016/10/14): Added Chain Chronicle Total War Medley and Gasshou Stabofe! that was missing yesterday, and DokuLO CANdy debuting today.

ミツボシ☆☆★ Mitsuboshi ☆☆★ (3/4/5/6, 456 notes on Oni)
Preppy and easy with only as complex as triples, with a requirement on processing offbeat at the 8th-note level.

 ミツボシ☆☆★ Mitsuboshi ☆☆★ (756 notes on ★9 Ura Oni)
If you did not expect the Ura Oni to be much more filled with clusters and streams, we suspect you did not see what previously came for The Idolm@ster songs. The chorus contains double-doubles (dk kd) that may be hard to pull off for new ★9 entrants, not to mention the highly-mixed streams in between.

 華蕾夢ミル狂詩曲~魂ノ導~ Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~ (2/4/5/8; 765 notes on Oni)
The Nam-combo pick of the day. Also tests you to manage consecutive triples and 5-hits, in an overall stamina-draining vibe ending with one 4-4-4-4 stream to close things off.

 華蕾夢ミル狂詩曲~魂ノ導~ Tsubomi Yumemiru Rapsodia ~Alma no Michibiki~ (832 notes on ★9 Ura Oni)
Even more clusters and streams is probably what you are asking for when hitting in for this Ura Oni, and it delivers. The patterns resembles the also gothic-sounding Yami no Mahou Shoujo (and straight up inherits at points near the chorus, including the iconic large notes KKKDKDK), but this has a slightly lower BPM and shorter overall and so makes for a good prelude for that.

あんずのうた Anzu no Uta (3/5/6/7; 526/484 notes on Oni)
The path forking here is a gimmicky one, with the first fork a forced Master Route, and the second fork is key to get 58 more notes in the secret Advanced Route as the score route. The ★7 is a suitable rating though, when there will be no clusters over triples if you play normally.

 チェインクロニクル 総力戦メドレー Chain Chronicle Total War Medley (3/4/5/7, 425 notes on Oni)
The medley begins with pre-battle briefing BGM (in 12ths), then the main event as in-battle (mostly triples and hanging doubles), finally with the victory jingle.

 チェインクロニクル 総力戦メドレー Chain Chronicle Total War Medley (635 notes on ★9 Ura Oni)
In the powered-up Ura Oni notechart, double-doubles and consecutive evens embed themselves within the flurry of clusters where 5-hits are a-plenty.

 合唱スタボーフェ! Gasshou Stabofe! (4/6/6/9, 673 notes on Oni)
Basically a big choir festival performance, the notechart has with it shorted stanzas and long, highly-mixed streams to push it up to ☆9. The question remains though as what the heck is a Stabofe?

 毒LOCANdy♡ DokuLO CANdy♡ (3/4/6/9, 777 notes on Oni)
In the tamest t+pazolite composition on Taiko no Tatsujin so far, moderate speed lets you focus more on processing the abundance of 24th separations, double-doubles and offbeat placements, ending with one last long stream that is regular enough when you break it down.

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