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Monday, September 26, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (September 26 2016): The Fun Never Ends with Don-chan and Puzzles

If you did not know, the BNEI Japan headquarters (Future Lab) has long since moved from the old site near Aomono-yokochou Station for over half a year already. Now that they are here at Minato's Shiba/Mita area (芝三田エリア), the company will be starting a tie-in event with shops in the nearby Keiounaka-toori Shopping Street (慶応仲通り商店街), with Don-chan as the poster model.

The Fun Never Ends: the Shiba/Mita Puzzles (アソビきれない 芝三田なぞなぞ) is named to the company philosophy of "For Everyday Where Fun Never Ends" (アソビきれない毎日を。) and Part 2 of the company's Asobi Motto campaign, started this Summer with this video. Starting tonight (September 26), the 12 participating shops in the district will give out drink coasters to patrons, each containing one of 10 puzzles. Tell your server the correct answer and get one pack of Don-chan design wet tissues. The event is until the stock of 3900 prizes across all stores (oh Namco you and your goroawase gratitude) lasts.

Bonus fact: this design for Don-chan is called the Shiba/Mita Ban-Nam Don (芝三田バンナムどん). Look at the Bandai Namco corporate colors on the happi coat!

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