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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (1 September 2016) - Tokkun Mode's New Future Features

While we're waiting for the next Red Version update's release date, the Taiko Team is using their weekly blog appointment to illustrate once again the new features that will be added to Tokkun Mode in said update.


The first one is a hit counter that will keep track of how many hits have been performed on any drumroll, hit-balloon or Kusudama note. The counter changes color according to the state of the kind of drumroll marker approached: blue for a not-cracked balloon/Kusudama, white for a normal Kusudama note clear ratio and yellow for drumroll bars and succesfully-cracked balloons/great Kusudama note clears.

Please note that the counter will stay up as long as the song keeps playing; if it's paused in the middle, the counter will freeze and then reset when the song is made it play again.


Down there instead is the drumroll hit counter, which will keep track of how many hits have been taken on a song's special notes before the pause or at the end of a song. Upon hitting play again or changing the position at the end, this counter will be reset.


Only view-able when the song is paused, this marker shows the players the number of the beat stanza they're in over the total number of beat stanzas featued in the chosen song overall.


Finally, the progress bar will have its own Go-Go Time markers to warn players where said highlighted portions are going to start and end as they're practising the chosen tracks.

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