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Monday, August 8, 2016

Taiko Official Blog (August 8 2016): Official Blog Renewal, and more

Welcome to the brand new Taiko no Tatsujin Official Blog (太鼓の達人公式ブログ), says the Taiko Team today! Moving from the old Taiko no Tatsujin Development Blog (太鼓の達人開発日誌) at the old URL http://taikoblog.namco-ch.net (old posts are still there) to the new URL at http://taiko-ch.net/blog/, Etou and the Team will continue to bring you news about the franchise, and we here at Taiko Time will also continue to relay them to you.

On the inaugural day of the new format, we also have three other posts on various news updates. Talk about catching up on speed!

  1. Reminder of August 19 livestream (URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv270801003) being the Red ver. Ranking Dojo, but also have general news and collabs, as well as why t+pazolite is taking time to join.
  2. The kid-centric learning site Wonder! School holds a Don-chan outfit design contest, where the winner gets to have their design put into 3DS3 and AC0, as well as scoring Taiko swag. Prizes only for Japan-living kids, 18 or under. Contest main page
  3. After sponsoring refreshments for the WCS2016, drink company DyDo holds the collab giveaway campaign, where buying the company's many drinks can net one bath towel (choose from 3 designs, plus custom initial embroidering) or knapsack (choose from 10 colors and 10 design). Prizes only for Japan residents. Campaign main page

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