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Friday, August 19, 2016

Quick Takeaways: August 19 Livestream

This post might be removed when the full coverage is ready. Meanwhile, feel free to contribute screenshots and information to help out!

Dojo Ranking
  • White Version Dojo Ranking Best Results shown.
  • Red Version Dojo Ranking to be out in the next update, together with the Taiko School.
  • All songs/Normal Clear requirements revealed until Godan; partial hints given for the upper courses (except for Kurouto-to-Tatsujin courses).
Taiko 3DS 3
  • New song packs available from September 1st:
  • Hero Pack (500 Yen) - Minna ga Minna Eiyuu / Orb no Inori / THE DAY My Hero Academia New!「HERO」 -Main Title- / Rare Hero.
  • Donder! World Championship 2016 Area Elimination Phase Pack (600 Yen) - Onigiri wa Doko Kashira♪ / SsTtAaRr* / Rin / Kokorobo / Climb! Mount ParfaitChouzetsu-Gikoukei Shoujo.
  • EZ DO DANCE to be available for free download from September 1st to October 5th.

AC0 Red ver.
  • Gekkabijin and Mars to be temporarily added from August 20 to September 11th
  • September DonChare rewards: Cat outfit and Namco Original Shining 65.
  • Next software update to be adding the following songs: Senshaku Zesshou no Fantasia (仙酌絶唱のファンタジア) Touhou Project Arrange - Hakurei Shrine Example Festival Collaboration Unit New! / Abandoned Temple Final 2nd Tekken 7 FR New! / conflict siromaru+cranky New! / VICTORIA Cranky New!
  • New WCS2016-themed outfits, Tokkun Mode tweaks to be added in the next software update
  • 2nd Touhou Project Collab Campaign; 5 new Petit Chara and 6 new Title Parts added in the first event's rewards.

  • Taiko no Tatsujin collaboration with Tekken 7 Fated Retribution; Taiko visual flairs/clothing to be added in the Tekken 7 arcade version's update.
  • New Namco Original by t+pazolite: Doku L0CANdy♡ (毒L0CANdy♡).

  • Five new songs on September, three of which being made by t+pazolite.
  • Otherwise no immediate news in relation to Taiko no Tatsujin

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