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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Video: Red Version v1.10's New Songs

It's update day in Japan, which means that August's DonChare addition is joined by a new slew of publicly-available songs! While up here we're showing a fresh acquaintance in Tatsh's Amaterasu (whose full ratings are 4/7/8/10), after the jump you'll see the other brand-new song additions.

 Try Everything (トライ・エヴリシング) Zootopia (2/3/4/3; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 203 notes on Oni)

Continuing the trend of low-rated songs is the latest western-rooted song in Taiko, coming from one of Disney/Pixar's most recent flick joints.  No note clusters are featured in this upbeat cover, but sparse drumrolls are here to make drumroll practice even to the younger of players.

 Orb no Inori (オーブの祈り) Ultraman Orb (3/5/6/10; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 1062 notes on Oni)

The Ultraman series has made its way in recent times to become the Anime genre's high difficulty benchmark, and the latest representative of the series is here to carry on the tradition! Compared to Ultraman X's Ura Oni mode, the Orb series' opening theme plays it safe with a challenge where averagely-long clusters are the norm, with some tamer 1/12 and 1/24 portions sprinkled in.

 Chouzetsu☆Dynamic (超絶☆ダイナミック!) Dragon Ball Super (2/4/4/6; Papa Mama support on Kantan; 308 notes on Oni)

Also coming to Red Version today is the opening theme of the cold classic Dragon Ball Z's series continuation, with its Oni mode mainly made of Don-only clusters and general 1/16 note placing.

 SAKURA EXHAUST (3/6/7/9; 765 notes on Oni)

Taiko gaming's own contribution to the crossbeat REV.SUNRISE collaboration finally goes home with today's arcade update! Notechart-wise, this instrumental track by Rio Hamamoto is a love letter to old-school notecharts with (mostly) only 1/16 charting and a Nam-Combo counter to round it all up.

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