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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

3DS3 Update: When the Song Go Marching Away

Remember how 3DS2 has a song preview bug? It is fixed on the way to 3DS3, probably having no relation to the sacrifice of 3D effects and one save slot. What it does give you is a new bug to play with!

Basically, if you press the MENU button during a song to go to the 3DS main menu then come back, the pausing apparently does not happen to the music and it will keep going. From here the bug goes two ways:
  1. Resume before the song is fully played: the chart snaps back to where it should be, and whatever in between are counted as missed. If you have Auto turned on, you can make Mekadon fail a song and reveal that Mekadon does not have a failure spoken line or speech bubble set in the game.
  2. Let the song finish playing: the chart goes on normally, letting you play pretty much normally except with the absence of the song.
This glitch actually has opened the possibility of a new challenge of playing despite music disappearing, or even without the drum sound either for maximum rhythmic trial.
(which is basically what you'd normally get by turning the system's volume OFF, but whatever)
In story mode front, like in 3DS2 Chapter 5 it is possible that you can lose the dinghy boat (i.e. your only mode of transport) in the cave, in 3DS3 Chapter 4 Don-chan can be stuck in one of the tents in Yamatai-koku. With autosave now available, falling into this hole of the map apparently is only solvable by force-quitting as soon as possible, or even delete and restart the whole story mode savedata if it is too late.

Remember the death spot!

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