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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tenkaichi Otogesai 3 (Addendum 2016/06/23)

(Thanks to crystal for the heads-up!)

Ready for another giant rhythm arcade game crossover? Yup, we weren't either but it's happening! From an official-looking PDF floating around are initial details of a third Tenkaichi Otogesai.
This round looks to involve the same few games among Namco, Sega, Taito and Konami, minus Synchronica from the previous round and jubeat from the first. The schedule seems to start on August when songs are planned, and the arcade outlets register to participate in the event. The actual player compettion won't happen until November, drilling down into area challenges, and then finals in February 2017.

Of course, this is all just initial planning and may change a little later on. For us as players, we're more interested in the songs that will be crossed-over (or not, no exporting happened in the second event which was a tad disappointing) but so far there's no details of that yet. Stay tuned!

Bumped with Addendum, 2016/06/23:
Said PDF is not official-looking, but Page 2 of the June 2016 edition of the AOU Newsletter. Below the section we already showed you above is the minutes to a meeting with representatives from the four makers plus AOU-related figures. The agreed motion that interests us the most would be the designation of songs:

The first song will be used in rotation (one out the six songs from the other makers from the 2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai's eight songs), and the second song will be a completely new song. The rotated first song will be decided by a livestreamed drawing on NicoLive etc.

1 comment:

  1. Er well
    The source should be legit enough,given that I got it from Tanaka(y'know,that guy who worked as Konami's PR?)'s twitter post.

    There's some info about the songs involved in the details below the stock images of the games involved,but obviously we need someone who can into moonspeak to figure out what it says