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Monday, June 27, 2016

[SITE] - June '16 Housekeeping : The Aftermath

One of the two yearly-designated moments for us to go back and fix/update the most relevant pages is about to come to an end, while also bringing up some modifies we didn't address fully/at all in our past housekeeping announcement. Without further ado, here's what has been actually achieved by us, nearing the end of June:

-) All Arcade and Console pages and their relative sub-sections and side pages (such as Unlocks, Titles, Demo Versions and so on) have been properly updated with all the bits of news currently available on the Web.

As of now, we're still unable to bring you a Taiko V Version Boss Fights page; due to the lack of video coverage for everything aside the final/extra boss battles, we have our hands tied up. Rest assured we're up to make that page if the other boss battles are properly documented in video form!

-) All of the Song Series Showcase pages now have their own SongID label for each song! We're up to do the same for the older Song of the Week features in the coming months.

Be sure to stop by the Taito and General Medleys pages for the latest new entries from the newcomer third 3DS Taiko title! (and our past SotW feature about Ghosts 'n Goblins while you're at it)

-) Now that the Monster Hunter series in Taiko gaming bears more than just a collection of medleys, its Showcase page is now renamed to just 'Monster Hunter', with the Pokemon one pending to the same change if/when a non-medley Game Music song from the series is featured on Taiko. This small tweak is allowing us to talk about Monster Hunter Cross's Traveluna, so check out the page for the new feature!

-) All of our promised newcoming content is ready to be posted! We'll have a gradual release of the future Showcases and other kinds of Feature posts on July, with the first pages for the Touhou Project Jumbo Brand Corner appearing near this week's end.

-) Last but not least, by popular demand we're already updating the 2000 Song Series Showcase with all the currently-known bits of trivia about Mada Saitama 2000! When a more definitive lyrics/morse code reporting will appear on the Internet, we'll update the entry (and let you know about, of course!) in a 'more definitive' version.

Keep on drummin'!



  1. Can you tell me what you need for the V - version for the boss fights? The video will probably be bad, but I can try using a go pro...

    1. We currently lack videos for the five Boss battles of Donder Quest's Quest mode before the Violia fights that feature special attacks.

      That's five boss fights in total from consecutive Donder Quest difficulty ranks, starting from the Gashadokuro quest (against Vigeur) and ending with the Jotei ~Imbiratuula~ boss quest.