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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (June 9 2016): WCS2016 Quickfire Updates

Daifuku brings you up to speed with all that happens with the World Championship 2016 today:
  • Live Audience Recruitment is happening online now, letting Donders witness in person and snatch a limited edition WCS2016/AC0R fan to prove it (above)
  • M+ Area Tournaments have completed with 21 finalists emerged
  • E- Finals coming June 25-26 on Next Gen World Hobby Fair floors
  • Open Category Tournament has started on June 7 and the Phoenix Frames will commence on the 17th. Both results coming June 26 07:00
  • Pre-WCS2016 Livestream coming July 13 18:00~, introducing finalists and deciding grouping at the finals, plus AC0 news (I mean what else other than Red ver.)
For our own previous coverage, check the wcs2016 tag from the link in the dooblydoo... wait Blogger is not YouTube and does not have a dooblydoo... You should know where to click, so whatever.

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