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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Postcards from Reitaisai 2016: That Collab Song and other textual reports

Yeah we're not having that budget or enthusiasm to actually go to either of the double event of NicoNico Chokaigi and Reitaisai 2016, but here are some textual reports from around the net:
  • The Reitaisai Collab Unit Song is officially titled 仙酌絶唱のファンタジア Senshaku Zesshou no Fantasia, as named by ZUN himself. The tweet above was live at the point of announcement in the related livestream.
  • Which is rated 3/5/5/9 with 700 notes on Oni.
  • Help me ERINNNNNN Cranky Remix is 4/5/7/9 with 681 notes on Oni.
  • Both notecharts are charted by Etou, as from a Chokaigi livestream.

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