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Friday, April 29, 2016

Taiko Plus/STH: Puzzle & Dragons Collab Score Attack and GTH Adds

太鼓の達人プラス × パズル&ドラゴンズ(パズドラ) コラボイベント

In which the additions for AC0 turned out to be a preface of what's coming now: the first Score Attack event for Android Plus STH (and iOS, duh)!

Gyakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds: April 28

  • Kibun Joujou↑↑ (Popular Song Plan)
  • database feat.TAKUMA(10-FEET) Log Horizon (Popular Song Plan)
  • Reviver (Tatsujin Plan)
  • Jikuuchou Jikuu 1-ka feat. unmo (Tatsujin Plan)
Puzzle & Dragons Collab Score Attack
(Disclaimer: tetsu has no idea what the PazuDora names mean, he just copied them from somewhere)

Defeat the five bosses including Extreme King Metal Tamadra and Green Gleaming Star Kirin, Sakuya by gathering score on the seven Puzzle & Dragons tunes, all for a slew of rewards coming to both iOS and Android Plus/STH! PazuDora Pack is also re-available for the iOS. Event ends May 9 12:00.

Target Songs
  • Walking Through The Towers (limited free/PazuDora Pack)
  • Unite The Force (Console debut at GTH)
  • Holding Hands (Console debut at GTH)
  • Fight the Fanatics (PazuDora Pack)
  • Kessen!! PazuDora Z (PazuDora Pack)
  • A New Journey (PazuDora Pack)
  • The Orb Festival (PazuDora Pack)
  • 2 billion: A New Journey limited free release
  • 7 billion: PazuDora x Taiko wallpaper, theme etc. from Fukubuki
  • 10 billion: The Orb Festival limited free release
  • 20 billion: Princess Valkyrie and Incarnation of Kirin, Sakuya outfits from Fukubiki
  • 25 billion: Red Dragon Caller, Sonia and Goddess of Power, Kali outfits from Fukubiki

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