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Saturday, April 16, 2016

[SITE] - Abour Our Blog's Identity and Content

The piece of text you're reading here is meant to act as a disclaimer from us about our position on sharing the content we feature on Taiko Time through the Internet, be it for the news coverage pieces or other features on this blog.

With over five years passing since the Taiko Time blog's publishing by aquabluu/pikaby, we've had the occasion to see other timely Taiko no Tatsujin news coverage in other English blogs/websites based on our reporting's written pieces, as part of the sources behind the legitimacy of the reported topic (always putting the highest priorities on the original sources, of course). On this topic, we are totally fine to have portions of our articles integrally or partially re-posted on other websites, as long as all the related news/article sources -including us- are mentioned in the external website/blog's re-posting; however, our stance hasn't stopped other folks on the Internet to copy part of our own work and claiming as theirs.

To give out a more clear example of where we sit in on this topic, we'll show here one of the latest cases of un-credited content republishing at our own expenses, with a few screencaps of a March 18th article that has been published this year at rhythm gaming news website www.bemanistyle.com:

The news article, also available on the Bemanistyle website here, itemizes our issues to what concerns the uncredited usage of our written content. The news piece above is based on our reportage of the third Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS videogame's website opening (link), posted one day prior. By confronting the two different articles, it becomes clear that the later-published post you see above inherits great part of our written structure, with some slight changes to our base content. While it's true that our original blog entry has been edited (always on March 17th) by nigelliusnitrox for some translation notes and fixing the usual grammar errors by yours truly, it's undeniable that the Bemanistyle post above has copied our original blog entry and modified/cropped portions in order to make it look as a piece of their own.

Now, if by any chance any article writer or website administrator at Bemanistyle.com happens to read this post, don't take this wall of text as a personal attack. However, if you're going to incorporate parts of our personally-redacted news/misc coverage from this blog, we kindly ask you to also put links to where the original content can be found; we can only speak for our reality, but actions like this one negatively affects the part from where the content is originated. If you want to reach out and share some words with us about this situation, we're open to any form on dialogue, be it through private messages to our e-mail addresses in our Contacts section or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

In conclusion, this is our general stance to the content we independently produce on Taiko Time. We approve the outsourcing of our content on external websites as long as we're credited as the authors; we don't, however, condone un-authorised written piece theft.


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