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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

[RANDOM] - New Taiko no Tatsujin Card in Puzzle & Dragons

(Almost) In conjunction with the latest batch of P&D songs scheduled to be released on Taiko White arcades with tomorrow's update, the Taiko no Tatsujin series manages to become one of the first collaborative series with the 4+ years running mobile puzzle/RPG sensation with a special Monster Shop purchasable card.

At the price of 100.000 Monster Points, it's possible to get the Princess Soprano on the Japanese servers very soon, with the NA/Europe ones possibly following suit in the next few months. For that sum and the lack of beefy Attack/HP, it's still nifty to have an Horus leader equal with Taiko hitsounds that can refresh a board with the 5 elements a-la Light Kali and- yes yes I know this is still a Taiko blog STOP PULLING MY CHAIR AWEAGUYTE5JNIKàPTò7Uùò-à

Source (pad_sexy's Twitter account)


  1. Meh Don't-a-worry its a Taiko Blog and if it has something to do with Taiko its OK

  2. Well shit the active skill both heals and refreshes the board?!
    That's actually better than L-Kali's skill despite the longer CD!
    But considering the stats and the not-quite-as-useful awakenings I'd just keep L-kali in my multicolour teams...

    Too bad it's probably not possible to link skills from MP mons,or else I might link this mofo up with say awakened Tsukuyomi or somebody els-

    Wait what am I doing this isn't a PAD blog.