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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (7 April 2016) - Taiko at Reitasai '16

One month (and day) from now, the yearly Hakurei Shrine Reitasai will return to grace Touhou fans with details of the new games, together with a slew of rhythm game franchises showing up for some exclusive content and previews.

As the Taiko franchise comes back, here's the new content that awaits the event's attenders!

First and foremost, Beat Mario's always popular Help me, ERINNNNNN!!  will achieve its third playable form in Taiko as yet another event-exclusive version, going under the name of Help me, ERINNNNNN!! -Cranky Remix-. Following the Sachiko Kobayashi limited version of a year back, this one will feature the talent of BMS-famed composer Cranky for the first time in anything Taiko!

As also promised earlier in the week, each Banapassport attender of this year's Reitasai will receive the early unlock of the Flandre Scarlet (フランドール・スカーレット) petit chara, as pictured above.

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