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Friday, April 1, 2016

First Videos - Not Foolin' Ya: AC0 April 1 Additions

A very unfortunate day to release anything legit, but the four new songs today is not a joke!

 食らいむ!まうんとぱふぇ Climb! Mount Parfait (3/6/8/9; 765 notes on Oni)
A very filling mountain of sweets results from the sweetly-titled song contest spawn. Mixed (oat?) clusters and (soda?) streams runs about! Watch the abundance of off-beat clusters!

 ゴーストマスク Ghost Mask
 Princess of Donder
 承認欲Q Shounin YokkQ
Okay, for these three rewards from the Play for Rewards campaign, it appears the five tickets per week limit results in little to no footage on them on the first day, for now. Here's to hoping that the videos will be available by the end of the campaign, and their expected public release in June. Stay tuned to other slated First Video features later these months (April 7, 15, or 29).

What? Nah, we're done. We featured Rin when it came out in Asia exactly one month ago. Or maybe you like a new captured video? Here you go, now go to an arcade room to play these or something.

Oh alright, fine:

 よくでる15300 Yokuderu 15300 (4/3/2/1; 115 notes on Oni)
Is Kidaruma 2000 getting old for you? So here is a new prank song at long last! Well not exactly new, because it is just Yokuderu 2000 sped up 7.65 times (2000 × 7.65 = 15300), similar to the recording used in a challenge quiz show in Tokaigi 2016.

Although rated ☆1 Oni, the slew of 98 notes in top speed is not to be taken lightly at all. In K/F/M it starts with the first 17 notes and then with a enormous balloon note for that rushed section (432/543/654 hits respectively).

By implication it is also shortened to about 1/8 of the length, or about 20 seconds, and it is very duly noted next to the title. If you think this gag is worth upwards of 30 yen of your money plus the opportunity cost of trying other songs above, go ahead.

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