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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Song of the Week! 30 April 2016

In occasion of this year's Golden Week, we're doubling our monthly dose of Ura Oni features with something that's... truly golden-related!

Twitter Snippets (28 April 2016) - Merchandising!

Before our usual Saturday feature, here's a little something for the most avid of Taiko collectors out there! Bandai Namco's LaLaBit Marked online store for Bandai Namco ID holders now has three extra Taiko-themed articles: Tatsu-Don T-shirts, Don-Chan wrist-holders and Tatsu-Don towels! All three items will also be available during the (now running) Tokaigi '16 event's Bandai Namco booth.

We also take advantage of this tweet-related post to warn you another kind of merchandising that has been popping on theOfficial Donder website's home page for a few weeks (link). In occasion for the 15th Anniversary of Taiko gaming, Banpresto has released a trio of Taiko-related keychains for the most avid of crane players, starring the Taiko siblings and the Studio Ghibli-spawn character Mouchu.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Across Japan (April 28 2016): Expected Release is Expected

And following the rest of the WCS2016 schedule is this, plus the normally slated DonChare regular unlock... wait none of the 8.17 songs at all?

New Songs: April 29
  • Onigiri wa Doko Kashira♪ Yomii feat. Hatsune Miku Same day as Japan
  • Kokorobo Ujico* Same day as Japan
New Songs: May 1
  • Shin Garyoutensei
And in case you think you miss anything in the coming week, please note that the AC0 Asia Facebook Page will also go with the Golden Week offs, and be back with the April tournament results on May 10 (already massively delayed, they apologized), and the new month's tournament song choice on May 11. The whole May tournament is also pushed a bit back to May 14~22 and the results on the 25th (hopefully on time this time).

Link to original post

Taiko Plus/STH: Puzzle & Dragons Collab Score Attack and GTH Adds

太鼓の達人プラス × パズル&ドラゴンズ(パズドラ) コラボイベント

In which the additions for AC0 turned out to be a preface of what's coming now: the first Score Attack event for Android Plus STH (and iOS, duh)!

Gyakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds: April 28

  • Kibun Joujou↑↑ (Popular Song Plan)
  • database feat.TAKUMA(10-FEET) Log Horizon (Popular Song Plan)
  • Reviver (Tatsujin Plan)
  • Jikuuchou Jikuu 1-ka feat. unmo (Tatsujin Plan)
Puzzle & Dragons Collab Score Attack
(Disclaimer: tetsu has no idea what the PazuDora names mean, he just copied them from somewhere)

Defeat the five bosses including Extreme King Metal Tamadra and Green Gleaming Star Kirin, Sakuya by gathering score on the seven Puzzle & Dragons tunes, all for a slew of rewards coming to both iOS and Android Plus/STH! PazuDora Pack is also re-available for the iOS. Event ends May 9 12:00.

Target Songs
  • Walking Through The Towers (limited free/PazuDora Pack)
  • Unite The Force (Console debut at GTH)
  • Holding Hands (Console debut at GTH)
  • Fight the Fanatics (PazuDora Pack)
  • Kessen!! PazuDora Z (PazuDora Pack)
  • A New Journey (PazuDora Pack)
  • The Orb Festival (PazuDora Pack)
  • 2 billion: A New Journey limited free release
  • 7 billion: PazuDora x Taiko wallpaper, theme etc. from Fukubuki
  • 10 billion: The Orb Festival limited free release
  • 20 billion: Princess Valkyrie and Incarnation of Kirin, Sakuya outfits from Fukubiki
  • 25 billion: Red Dragon Caller, Sonia and Goddess of Power, Kali outfits from Fukubiki

First Video: April's Last CreoFuga Song Couple

 Onigiri wa Doko Kashira♪ (おにぎりはどこかしら♪) Yomii feat. Hatsune Miku (5/7/8/9; 856 notes on Oni)

Yomii's second Taiko song finally comes to town as the third and last Vocaloid winner track from the latest CF contest, as well as the (slightly) most voted song for the Donder's Choice award. If D's Adventure Note is still clear in your mind, some of those note pattern tropes showcased by its Oni mode might sound familiar to players, ranging from long clusters to Kat-exclusive portions in an overall slower and easier blend.

 Kokorobo (ココロボ) Ujico* (3/4/6/10; 620 notes on Oni)

Joining the weird circle of modern 10-star Oni with low notecounts (hello, Suuhaa) is Ujico*'s creation, checking in with selected cluster formations which are easily suitable to grant hard times for rookies trying to pass the song, due to -again- the slim error margin for the low note count.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

V Version Update: Introducing the Popular Song Pack 13

Which can be abruptly renamed as well into the "Why the fudge is Ladystar Wandering taking so long for a console debut" pack. Why? Find out after the jump!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Fishy Collaboration: Collab with JF Zengyoren and Tsuri Spirits

This is a collaboration that needs some context. So within the fishing industry of Japan, fishers organize themselves into Japan Fisheries Cooperatives (JF), and organizing the JFs is the National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations (全国漁業協同組合連合会), also called simply JF Zengyoren (JF全漁連) in short. This national federation has a Seafood Promotion Committee (魚食普及推進委員) that, as the name suggests, promote the eating of fish and seafood in the country. We also have Sakana-kun (さかなクン), the boxfish-hat-wearing ichthyologist (= fish scientist) and mass media personality also having a hand in illustration, who frequently works with said committee in addition to other educational works on the varies life under the ocean. Click the above links to check out the related main sites.

Back to Taiko no Tatsujin after all these preface, with the release of Sakana-kun's new song Osakana Mainichi! Sakana-kun (おさかな毎日!さかなクン), the JF Zengyoren SPC negotiated collaborative efforts with the rhythm game franchise to include the song in an arcade version in the future. Playing the song also unlocks a collaborative outfit where a big-grinned Sakana-kun lies on Don-chan.

Speaking of fishing, did you know that Bandai Namco also has a running fishing simulator arcade game called Tsuri Spirits? Well, turns out it is also joining the collaborative efforts with both JF Zengyoren and Taiko no Tatsujin, making for a very fishy collab-triangle! Sakana-kun's new song will be added to Tsuri Spirits as one of the BGM tracks. Elements from Taiko and Tsuri Spirits will also be exchanged, including Don-chan being fishable from Tsuri Spirits for the campaign.

The above collaborations are slated to happen this summer, but with no set date as of now.

BNEI Press Release

First Videos: Licensed Blitz: AC0 April 27 Additions

Salty opening because I was clickbaited into some random video because it says leaked Onigiri wa Doko Kashira while researching for this post. Those are coming this Friday, not today. I need to sooth myself with the licensed picks added to default right today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Twitter Snippets (April 26 2016): Catch the Tat's! Chokaigi 2016 Times Guide

If you are not aiming to touch the Touhou content this coming weekend at the NicoNico Chokaigi 2016 mega-event, maybe you are a Taiko inside-joke man and would like to snatch as much time interacting with the real-life Tatsudon? Here are the times that he might appear.

※ Disclaimer: Might also not appear even at these times, all depending on whether the man drum feels like it.
※ Disclaimer: Our man drum is feeling not so fluent in Japanese this time (a bit is okay though) and more comfortable using French or English... okay then

[RANDOM] - New Taiko no Tatsujin Card in Puzzle & Dragons

(Almost) In conjunction with the latest batch of P&D songs scheduled to be released on Taiko White arcades with tomorrow's update, the Taiko no Tatsujin series manages to become one of the first collaborative series with the 4+ years running mobile puzzle/RPG sensation with a special Monster Shop purchasable card.

At the price of 100.000 Monster Points, it's possible to get the Princess Soprano on the Japanese servers very soon, with the NA/Europe ones possibly following suit in the next few months. For that sum and the lack of beefy Attack/HP, it's still nifty to have an Horus leader equal with Taiko hitsounds that can refresh a board with the 5 elements a-la Light Kali and- yes yes I know this is still a Taiko blog STOP PULLING MY CHAIR AWEAGUYTE5JNIKàPTò7Uùò-à

Source (pad_sexy's Twitter account)

3DS3 Update: 2nd Website Update and TVCM

One month later, Dokodon! Mystery Dungeon's website gets a beefy update with many new additions to count for nearly all the different sections, starting from the game's TVCM above which is possibly revealing a small portion of the game's theme song, Sekai wa Itsudemo Mystery (世界はいつでもミステリー).

Reach us after the jump for the rest of the new updated content!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Twitter Snippets (23-25 April 2016) - A Cross-Game Touhou Arrange Collaboration!

Less than one week from the yearly Chokaigi's beginning, the official Twitter account of the Hakurei Shrine Reitasai events has put a nice reminder in visual tweet form about the limited content that's going to grace multiple music game franchises in the Niconico-powered convention.

What has been sent today by said Twitter profile (and retweeted by the Taiko Team), however, points the finger at a more juicy operation brewing at the same time...

In occasion of the Touhou Project series's 21st anniversary, many popular Touhou doujin circles are banding together for the Uta-Matsuri festival, performing together in a July concert this year. What's more, however, is that a brand-new collaboration song is actually scheduled for a simultaneous release in several rhythm games, all at once!

Heading to the Uta-Matsuri's dedicated page for this project (link), it's already possible to have a rough schedule of this song's progressive formation: it'll be showcased an early version of the song at the incoming Chokaigi (April 29/30) for the latest arcade titles in the Taiko no Tatsujin and SOUND VOLTEX series, it'll be playable in both arcades during the next Reitasai (May 8th) and it'll be publicly available a month later (Mid-June) to the two aforementioned franchises at the same time, together with Sega's Chunithm and Taito's Groove Coaster.

To have a scope of what we're looking for, this song will be made by six different doujin circles, including some familiar names to Taiko grounds (COOL & CREATE, Kishiga Ryouran and the Akeboshi Rockets, A-One, Alstroemeria Records, Yuuhei Satellite) and the Taiko return of indie unit Butaotome (豚乙女). That's quite the ensemble we'll get here!

As a post-scriptum note, we also report through the following tweet that the anticipated Cranky remix of Help me, ERINNNNNN!! will also be playable in the latest title of the Groove Coaster series (GC 3 Link Fever) at both the Niconico Chokaigi and Reitasai.

Don-chan Sekai Ryokou Lyrics

Composition: Keiichi Okabe (岡部啓一)
Lyrics: Shougo Yasukawa (ヤスカワショウゴ)
Vocal: Kenji Kai (甲斐健司)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

List of Title Parts in Taiko no Tatsujin (White Version)

From Momoiro Version 2.04 onwards, arcade Banapassport players are able to set titles for their personal nickname either with one of the titles previously unlocked by doing specific tasks or by creating a new one by scratch by using specific title parts.

These title parts are basically divided into two different groups: nouns and phrases ('Group A') and symbols or connectives ('Group B'). Players can use up to 2 words from Group A and a symbol/connective from Group B to construct a custom title, following the scheme A-B-A. Any spot of said scheme can be left blank and the slots for Group A words can be filled with the same word.

While all the units from Group B are unlocked by default, players have to get the title parts from Group A through the rewards shop. Certain Group A parts can be unlocked only by achieving specific goals just like regular titles, whose unlocking requirements are explained into White Version's unlock page.

Sonority Scouts - Synchronica's Latest Taiko Cross-Overs

It's the rise of another side feature! While with Sympho-Neighbours blog entries we are more inclined to give out more of a general "historical back-log" sort-of function, the Sonority Scouts series is here to supply a move timely coverage of what's happening in rhythm gaming right now! Just like the SN features, however, we'll only star events that have the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise involved in some kind of way, either being directly-involved in the event or participating in some other way.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

3DS3 Update: Rumored! 2nd Early Purchase Bonus

Well, now that Umi no Koe has its thunder stolen by White ver. two months before its release, maybe it is time for some rumor for the next (hopefully more exclusive) song.

Here we have a wikihouse commenter seeing in a Yamada Denki electronics store of a 3DS3 sample which shows the second Early Purchase Bonus song being PERFECT HUMAN by RADIO FISH, the musical group spawning from the comedy act Oriental Radio. Not that we have much any way to reliably confirm this other than having someone to go find that specific store in Japan, so let's leave this in very heavy rumor status until later.

早期購入キャンペーン第二弾パーフェクトフューマン ソースはヤマダ電気の売り場に置いてあるサンプル -- 2016-04-17 (日) 00:42:43 [Source] 

Song of the Week! 23 April 2016

It's time for our first Namco Original Ura feature of the year, and for this one we'll show you that Tatsuya Shimizu doesn't always need his usual Zeami alias in Taiko to make experienced players tremble in fear!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Twitter Snippets (April 22 2016) - Closing for the Golden Week: May at White ver. and Reminders

Because the Taiko Team is away for the Golden Week there won't be a full blog post for the last Thursday of a month, here are the monthly additions for the month of May, presented more quick-fire and less formally.

May DonChare Unlock Song:
Sports Digestdon ~Fill in the Sky~ Arcade debut

May Free Outfit Gift: Jungle
Head part for simply playing, and body part from the Rewards Shop, all only for the month of May.

And because Etou et al. won't be here to remind you when these events come up, here are them again in a concise image form, with their return schedule.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (April 21 2016): Wii U3 April DLC and White ver. Version Update (V8.17)


While these two titles are imminent of being not-current (with 3DS3 and AC0R incoming), it does not stop them from adding new stuff (at least new to themselves) next week! New Wii U3 DLC comes April 28 and a version update adding eight new songs to AC0W on April 27.

Across Japan: Ranking Dojo Returns! White ver. Update 3.02

Ranking Dojo is back with the update going live today (April 21)! Play across the almost-identical-as-Japan challenges (minor changes before Shodan due to inclusion differences) for bragging-rights glory and unlockable songs!

  • Shodan or up: Kimi no Akari
  • 3-dan or up: Kuon no Yoru
  • 9-dan or up: X-DAY 2000
  • 10-dan: Joubutsu 2000 (also passable)
  • Choujin: Yuugen no Ran (also passable)
  • unknown if obtainable not obtainable: Surfside Satie (5-dan)


Link to original post

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Random: Pokken Tournament was going to be a Taiko no Tatsujin game

Imagine way more Pokemon songs, and Pikachus instead of Lantern Eels here, perhaps.

If you have a Wii U, in addition to playing the three Wii U Taiko no Tatsujin games on it, probably you also have Pokken Tournament, the Pokemon game that have Pokemon actually fighting instead of just menu controls.

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada (原田勝弘) told The Verge in an interview that what would have become Pokken Tournament was initially going to be a Pokemon-themed Taiko no Tatsujin game (imagine im@s Must Songs). However President and CEO of The Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara (石原恒和) spoke out in a BNEI corporate meeting that he would rather see a Tekken collaboration instead, hence birthed the idea.

That probably wouldn't stop Pokemon content to continue appearing regularly in Taiko. Having "just caught up" with the newest games in the Pokemon (game) medley front with ORAS Medley, there is some chance that something will come up when Pokemon Sun and Moon is out... somehow.

Webster, Andrew (2016-02-17). How the minds behind Tekken and Soulcalibur transformed Pokemon into a fighting game. The Verge. Retrieved 2016-04-17.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

[SITE] - Abour Our Blog's Identity and Content

The piece of text you're reading here is meant to act as a disclaimer from us about our position on sharing the content we feature on Taiko Time through the Internet, be it for the news coverage pieces or other features on this blog.

With over five years passing since the Taiko Time blog's publishing by aquabluu/pikaby, we've had the occasion to see other timely Taiko no Tatsujin news coverage in other English blogs/websites based on our reporting's written pieces, as part of the sources behind the legitimacy of the reported topic (always putting the highest priorities on the original sources, of course). On this topic, we are totally fine to have portions of our articles integrally or partially re-posted on other websites, as long as all the related news/article sources -including us- are mentioned in the external website/blog's re-posting; however, our stance hasn't stopped other folks on the Internet to copy part of our own work and claiming as theirs.

To give out a more clear example of where we sit in on this topic, we'll show here one of the latest cases of un-credited content republishing at our own expenses, with a few screencaps of a March 18th article that has been published this year at rhythm gaming news website www.bemanistyle.com:

The news article, also available on the Bemanistyle website here, itemizes our issues to what concerns the uncredited usage of our written content. The news piece above is based on our reportage of the third Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS videogame's website opening (link), posted one day prior. By confronting the two different articles, it becomes clear that the later-published post you see above inherits great part of our written structure, with some slight changes to our base content. While it's true that our original blog entry has been edited (always on March 17th) by nigelliusnitrox for some translation notes and fixing the usual grammar errors by yours truly, it's undeniable that the Bemanistyle post above has copied our original blog entry and modified/cropped portions in order to make it look as a piece of their own.

Now, if by any chance any article writer or website administrator at Bemanistyle.com happens to read this post, don't take this wall of text as a personal attack. However, if you're going to incorporate parts of our personally-redacted news/misc coverage from this blog, we kindly ask you to also put links to where the original content can be found; we can only speak for our reality, but actions like this one negatively affects the part from where the content is originated. If you want to reach out and share some words with us about this situation, we're open to any form on dialogue, be it through private messages to our e-mail addresses in our Contacts section or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

In conclusion, this is our general stance to the content we independently produce on Taiko Time. We approve the outsourcing of our content on external websites as long as we're credited as the authors; we don't, however, condone un-authorised written piece theft.


Taiko no Tatsujin Red Version (AC0R)

Knowing that the third generation arcades seem to settle on the large-scale update schedule of March-December-July, if I am an arcade operator I would be ordering the update kits right about now.

And sure enough, the trusty industry-focused vendor site we should probably be bookmarking lists the new version ahead of official announcement. Tagged with the subtitle/codename of Red ver. and claiming the signature color of Namco Originals, we are going ever more close to expending all of the genre colors, leaving only Orange (Anime) and Yellow (Classic), if that is an actual thing going rather than just a theory.

A main point of note is a slated Studio Ghibli collaboration, a timing just so happen to match the 3DS3 addition of Umi no Mieru Machi from Kiki's Delivery Service. Probably also expectable is more action with Mouchu from the 15th Anniversary short. (I wonder if it is safe to get the Studio Ghibli Song Series Showcase back now.)

Taiko Plus: Namco Original Suggested Pack and Tokaigi 2016 Score Attack Loot

No Android update this week, as iOS has taken center stage in the smartphone Taiko no Tatsujin news.

Namco Original Suggested Pack (iOS only, 600 yen)
  • Yami no Mahou Shoujo Silver Forest feat. Aki
  • EkiBEN 2000
  • Evidence of evil AJURIKA
  • Zero no Rhapsody
  • Shokou ~Dawn~ (+Ura)
Tokaigi 2016 Score Attack Loot (iOS only)
For saving Terebi-chan from a Don-chan induced catastrophe, here are your rewards!
  • Soul Calibur II Brave Sword,Braver Soul free until April 25
  • Wings of Tomorrow (Tatsujin Mix) God Eater 2 free until April 25
  • KAGEKIYO Genpei Toma Den Medley (+Ura) free until April 25
  • NicoNico Terebi-chan and Don-chan Wallpaper from Fukubiki
  • NicoNico Terebi-chan and Don-chan Theme from Fukubiki
  • NicoNico Terebi-chan Outfit from Fukubiki

Song of the Week! 16 April 2016

Since apparently for the Taiko Team one certain song seemed to be the ultimate fulcrum of these days's official Taiko gaming news, let's directly pull this tooth from the roots and digress on every nook and cranny about the surroundings of...

Friday, April 15, 2016

First Video: CreoFuga 2015's 2nd April Song Batch

 SstTAarR* M-O-T-U feat. Hatsune Miku (5/7/8/10; 848 notes on Oni)

As the only judge-approved returning composer from the 2014 CF edition, M-O-T-U stringa up the digital chimes of chiptune-y magic with a spit of Hatsune Miku, resulting into today's new All-Max difficulty set. Being made of an array of 1/16 cluster formations, the only visual gimmicks involved for this "specially-worded" song are scrolling changes to drumrolls and pre-Go Go Time portions.

 Chouzetsu-Gikoukei Shoujo (超絶技巧系少女) Nekokaburi Cyclone (xi+Nekomirin) (5/6/7/10; 803 notes on Oni)

A 10-star Oni challenge is also provided by Nekomirin and xi's first Taiko release, consisting of many abrupt changes of rhythm under a constantly-high BPM value. Be sure to also check out our updated SotW entry from the past for more infos (and HQ videos!) of this song and a_hisa's Rin.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (April 14 2016): Getting Real with the Tat's: Taiko at NicoNico Chokaigi 2016

Nothing really new today, as we have covered the major scoop of the Chokaigi 2016 appearance in the Twitter Snippets earlier this week, including real life sightings of Tatsudon on the event floors at unspecified times (this was in the Taiko Team tweet, but we didn't realize it actually mean this, sorry).

Anyway, be it you want to ask Tatsudon for selfies or signing, snatch those Dissecting Tatsudon (and other designs) stickers, or feel the toucch of a freeplay cabinet, possibly for a limited Cranky remix of Help me, ERINNNNNN, Niconico Chokaigi 2016 has your back.

Link to original post

Monday, April 11, 2016

Twitter Snippets (11 April 2016) - Taiko Gaming's April '16 Public Outings

It looks like the incoming Reitasai convention won't be the very next public cameo of the Taiko franchise! For the yearly Niconico Chokaigi event's return (scheduled in the weekend of of April 29-30), White Version arcades will be here for everyone to enjoy, together with some extra goodies.

While the fastest Donders to join the fun will be able to snag a sheet of Tatsu-Don stickers, everyone has a shot to try Help me, ERINNNNNN!! -Cranky remix- first-hand before the aforementioned Touhou-centric event.

This coming Friday, however, will already be a day for Taiko gaming to shine in Japanese broadcast, as TV Tokyo Network's Ohasuta (おはスタ) Variety show will broadcast a Taiko tournament in the Saitama prefecture, aimed to elementary school players.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sympho-Neighbours - It's Actually "Shi"

A big name in rhythm gaming as well as a personal friend of current Taiko Team leader Etou, Tatsuya Shimizu can boast an interesting work history that spans across multiple music-based franchises like few before him!

With the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise being the place where his musical activity returned to flourish after his health-concerning hiatus between 2007-2010, it seems fitting for us to also spotlight some of the many faces and shapes the composer has taken form in his career outside the Bandai Namco ballpark. Hop aboard!

Don-chan Ondo Lyrics

Composer, Lyrics, Vocal: Yuri Misumi (みすみゆり)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Song of the Week! 9 April 2016

The key visual for the ongoing series of World Championship 2016 features Taiko (太虎) the fiery red tiger and Tatsujin (龍神) the electrifying blue dragon taking on each other, as spiritual apparitions behind Don-chan and Kat-chan. To resonate with such punny names, what about we see two songs that has but a silm, punny connection with the two animals in a two-parter SotW, one now and another in May?

And so here is the tiger pick:

Friday, April 8, 2016

First Video: Hall of Fame Composers Strike Back!

 Princess of Donder MOES feat. Erica Kaibo (4/5/5/9; 765 notes on Oni)

The Triforce of CreoFuga-spawn Taiko personalities has descended upon White Version players, and thanks to the collaborative efforts of many Youtube users we have videos for all of them!

We start off with MOES's Princess of Donder, the latest Nam-Combo Oni challenge whose difficulty degree is given by increasing BPM speed and some rhythm-based note pacing trickery.

 Shonin YokkQ (承認欲Q) Kaneko Chiharu feat. Hachi (4/6/7/10; 899 notes on Oni)

While at this point it's not a surprise to have another high-BPM song by Kaneko Chiharu, it sure is a surprise to have soflan-enhanced speedy big notes perfectly mashing in frantic low-note cluster sections, not very dissimilar to patterns of songs in the past like Punishment.

 Ghost Mask (ゴーストマスク) Harunaba feat. Yuzuki Yukari & Chihiro Ishiguro (4/6/7/10; 899 notes on Oni)

Sharing a lot of aspects with Shonin YokkQ, Harunaba's latest Taiko song accomplishes the requirements for a modern 10* Oni thanks to a handswitch-heavy notechart not very dissimilar to Coffee no Aji To and the first Yuzuki Yukari song on Taiko, be it with less 1/24 clusters.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Across Japan: Novelty Strikes: April Facebook Tournament

Wonder if it's gonna be all new songs all the time with the Facebook tournaments, but April's is using the newest additions from the April additional boom. Also get the muscle on with a WCS2016 choice!

  • Oni: My Muscle Heart ~TV Takama-ga-hara-style Anime Muscular Magical Girl Takeminakata Main Theme~ / Yuuya Kobayashi (IOSYS) feat. Momiji Yamamoto (monotone) (★9)
  • Muzukashii: Climb! Mount Parfait unatra (★8)

Link to original post

First Videos: Stay Home for Games: V Version Popular Song Pack 12

 かくしん的☆めたまるふぉ~ぜっ! Kakushinteki☆Metamarupho~se! (2/4/6/8, 410 notes on Oni)
As a low modern ★8, this is mostly repeating clusters, many at offbeats, at a moderate 139 BPM with a 3/4 signature bridge at 99.5 BPM (actually 199 BPM at half speed). Some sofuran at expectable places too. The actual tough part is the final rush of 24th clusters turned 16th stream as a last-kill.

 悲しき蒼穹を翔ける Kanashiki Soukyuu o Kakeru (2/4/6/8, 755 notes on Oni)
The full instrumental is in 3/4 signature with 140 BPM. Similar patterns can repeat for up to four times, testing your stability and stamina for the 2+ minute length. With nothing over 16th, 5-hits are common with 7- and 13-hits not a rare sight.

And now news regarding AC0: with the second week of Play for Rewards Campaign starting tomorrow (April 8), Donders will finally be able to get the 6th through 8th tickets for their first song reward. Let's hope our usual info sources get coordinated and bring us all three songs tomorrow!

Namco Taiko Blog (7 April 2016) - Taiko at Reitasai '16

One month (and day) from now, the yearly Hakurei Shrine Reitasai will return to grace Touhou fans with details of the new games, together with a slew of rhythm game franchises showing up for some exclusive content and previews.

As the Taiko franchise comes back, here's the new content that awaits the event's attenders!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Taiko Plus/STH: Early April GTH Adds and Tales of Asteria Collaboration Rewards

Earlier April adds attacks the smartphone Taiko games!

Gyakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds: April 1
  • Linda Linda (Popular Song Plan)
  • Sakura (Kobukuro) (Popular Song Plan)
  • Cross Blue (Tatsujin Plan)
  • Koi no Shohousen (Tatsujin Plan)
Tales of Asteria Collaboration: Score Attack Loot (iOS only)
Boss drop from the ToAsteria Score Attack Event is available now!
  • Tales of Xillia Medley free until April 18
  • Tales of the Abyss The arrow was shot free until April 18
  • Tales of Zestiria Medley free until April 18
  • Hikaru Yami Tales of the World Reve Unitia free until April 18
  • Jude, Milla, Luke, TearSorey and Rose outfits from Fukubiki

3DS3 Update: The GM Confirming Piece

We now have scans to confirm all the new Game Music the last 3DS3 Update, thanks to the Japanese Nintendo Tumblr site.

Mechanics-wise, we also see the return of the Gekitotsu note (spam drumrolls more than opponents, the same as Wii2, really) and Taiko Magic (gather gauge then click mark to activate) in static action with screenshots.

And like 3DS2, there are also guest character battle members that you can recruit. The first to reveal are Otomo Airou from Monster Hunter (X) and Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame and Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project series. The im@s SideM dancers also make a portable expy in DRIVE A LIVE.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Twitter Snippets (April 4 2016) - Flandre Scarlet for Reitaisai Petit-chara 2016

Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai (May 8 2016) is imminent again with Touhou Taiko Festival (and Synchronica)! From a earlier Petit-chara Request Poll, Flandre Scarlet will be made into one and be available first-hand by trial-playing the cabinet. More on this later.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Song of the Week! 2 April 2016

Now that all the April 1st tomfoolery is over for this year, let's return to more serious-sounding tones around here.

But you know what? Maybe not from today. I'm quite thirsty...

Friday, April 1, 2016

Sympho-Neighbours - Prankfully Yours

Be it for harmless announcements of things that will never come to reality or to just pull nasty pranks at the expenses of unwarranted victims, the yearly April Fools celebration has always been a day for both people and big brands on the Internet to make fun of itself and their following. That, of course, doesn't exclude the gaming grounds with its truckloads of deceiving shenanigans!

While this year you won't be having an AF prank from us, have a selection from other rhythm game franchises' pranks instead!

First Videos - Not Foolin' Ya: AC0 April 1 Additions

A very unfortunate day to release anything legit, but the four new songs today is not a joke!

 食らいむ!まうんとぱふぇ Climb! Mount Parfait (3/6/8/9; 765 notes on Oni)
A very filling mountain of sweets results from the sweetly-titled song contest spawn. Mixed (oat?) clusters and (soda?) streams runs about! Watch the abundance of off-beat clusters!

 ゴーストマスク Ghost Mask
 Princess of Donder
 承認欲Q Shounin YokkQ
Okay, for these three rewards from the Play for Rewards campaign, it appears the five tickets per week limit results in little to no footage on them on the first day, for now. Here's to hoping that the videos will be available by the end of the campaign, and their expected public release in June. Stay tuned to other slated First Video features later these months (April 7, 15, or 29).