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Monday, March 14, 2016

Behind The Drums: Ayako Saso @ Sampling Masters AYA

Born March 5, 1967, Ayako 'AYA' Saso (佐宗綾子) is another of the biggest names from the SuperSweep Records label, due to the many collaboration works with its other members since the last few decades. Not only she can boast a similar career road than the one taken by Shinji Hosoe (started as a Namco employee, then working for Arika and subsequently a member of the SSR label), but she has also collaborated with Hosoe and Nobuyoshi Sano in a number of ways, either being part of OMY (Oriental Magnetic Yellow, tribute band of Yellow Magic Orchestra) or as a stand-alone composer contributor for the label's many albums and projects.

While not as recurrent as MEGA in terms of rhythm game appearances, AYA still managed to score musical recognition in many rhythm game franchises, with a huge portion of her rhythm game-related works appearing in ARIKA's music titles.

Game Music
  • Kamikaze Remix
  • Where is the Target?
Namco Original
  • X-DAY2000 (co-composer)
  • Rumble Ranbu (らんぶる乱舞)
  • Lightning Passion (らいとにんぐ ぱっしょん)
  • Samba Alegria (サンバ アレグリーア)
Other Music Games

Beatmania IIDX
  • Wow Wow 70's
  • one or eight
  • Debty Daddy
  • 45 rotations
  • Sprite's dance
  • Days Dreamer
  • Rambler
  • Inside One
  • Earth Will
  • Visited Alone
  • Dizzy Dog
  • L7-A2
  • Hectic
  • Night Life
  • Crowded Town
  • Phone Dead Room
Groove Coaster
  • Five to Seven

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