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Friday, March 25, 2016

Across Japan (March 24 2016) - The White Terror (= White ver. Song Removal) Spreads

And of course the Asian ver. AC0 also gets the respective cuts on March 29 as with the Japanese ver., that's how licensing works. At least Neh Oshiete is coming on schedule on April 1.
  • Diamond Happy Aikatsu!
    Also: Wii U1 / iOS
  • KIRA☆Power Aikatsu!
    Also: iOS
  • VAMOLA! Kyoryuger
    Also: Wii U1 / iOS
  • HappinessCharge PreCure! WOW!
    Also: 3DS2
  • 1 Dream Danball Senki/Little Battlers eXperience
    Also: PSPDX (DL ended)
  • Chikyuu o Mawase! AC0 exclusive
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