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Monday, February 15, 2016

Site Announcement: 2nd Lyrics Feature Request Poll!

And we have the 16 candidates! Sorry we didn't get to too many of your requests, but because we are nowhere near completing all the lyrics features, there will be another poll for this, and we are still welcoming any and all feasible suggestions (= there is lyrics set out there in Wii games or OST, and the copyright is not too hard).

In the meantime, show your support to the following songs to push them to get a Lyrics Feature! Songs that have more votes will be given a Lyrics Feature earlier, but all 16 will get one by the end.

Remember you can vote more than one song! So say you love all of them equally you can check all 16. We respect your benevolence.

 リブルとラブルのマジカルファンタジー Libble to Rabble no Magical Fantasy
 ブルちゃんのおやつ Buru-chan no Oyatsu
                    (bonus: ???)
 カラメルタイム☆ Caramel Time☆
 福袋餃子自慢商店街の歌 Fukubukuro Gyouza Jiman Shoutengai no Uta
 平成太鼓街道 ~バチの女~ Heisei Taiko Kaidou ~Bachi no Onna~
 風のなかに巣をくふ小鳥 Kaze no Naka ni Su o Kufu Kotori
 未来への鍵 Mirai e no Kagi
 シシハゲマイ Shishihagemai
 ノるどん2000 Norudon 2000
 どんちゃん音頭 Don-chan Ondo
 どんちゃん 世界旅行 Don-chan Sekai Ryokou
 フニクリ・フニクラ Funiculi Funicula

Addendum (2016/05/21): We are also adding the 3rd LFRP pre-poll to this post to keep track of your suggestions. We are going to take at most 8, just like last time.
 あたしイカサマ恋はイカサマ Atashi Ikasama Koi wa Ikasama
 どきどき★どんちゃん騒ぎ Dokidoki Don-chan Sawagi

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