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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (February 18 2016): Wii U3 February DLC and Livestream Attack

How many consecutive Thursdays do we have double Namco Taiko Blog entries? Anyway, check out the newest free and paid DLC for Wii U3 in this month and the two livestreams for the upcoming week!

Wii U3 DLC Songs: February 25 (free)
  • Follow Me
  • only my railgun 「とある科学の超電磁砲」より A Certain Scientific Railgun
  • カルメン 組曲一番終曲 Carmen Prelude ビゼー Bizet
  • 恋幻想 (Love Fantasy) HONOKA
  • よくでる2000 Yokuderu 2000
Wii U3 DLC Outfits: February 25 (50 yen, tax incl.)
  • おひなさま Ohina-sama Doll (head)
  • おひなさま Ohina-sama Doll (body)
  • さくらもち Sakuramochi (body)
  • パフェヘッド Parfait Head (head)
  • パフェボディ Parfait Body (body)

★   ★   ★

JAEPO 2016: Taiko no Tatsujin Special Stage
For a 15th Anniversary celebratory corner and more news of the upcoming WCS2016, check out a small 30-minute stream on the JAEPO event floors on February 20 16:00~16:30. We already posted the link (and the one for the February 26 stream too) in an earlier Twitter Snippets post.

Link to original post (Wii U3 DLC)
Link to original post (Livestreams)

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