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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (February 10 2016): Official Livestream #12 WCS2016 Special and White ver. Update (V5.07)

The first of the two Namco Taiko Blog is about official release of Google Play's Plus STH, which we already did a lot of reportage before this, so we'll skip a lot here.

And so the remainder of our post will be dedicated to the other things that is actually new: a WCS2016-centric official Taiko Team livestream (#12), and the upcoming version update with some serious new stuff coming February 25!

Taiko Team Official Livestream #12
When: February 26 approx. 18:00~18:45 (test); approx. 19:00~max. 22:00 (actual)
Who: Daifuku, Masubuchi, Takemoto, Etou
  • Livestream Test with Prelude Talk Time: As always let's talk with the Team before the real deal, as the crew tests if everything works fine. But who knows if anything exclusive would pop up?
  • Everything About WCS2016: The World Championship will decide with the finals on July 17 (Sunday)! Get all about the rules, song choices and schedules of all departments in never-before-heard detail!
  • New Mode for the Championships!?: Towards the Championships, here's something for all the Donders who want to power themselves up: a new mode for White ver.!! What would it be though? Hear it first on the livestream!
  • Campaign Event with the Championships: Get new songs and other rewards in campaign events going in tandem with the Championships. And that's not only for tournament competitors; everyone can get into the fun! More details in the livestream.
  • New Challengers Appear: New Songs from Hall of Fame Artists: Remember the Hall of Fame artists are slated to have songs into Taiko without the fierce contest in the way? Well they are coming! Know whose, which and when they will intrude in the livestream.
  • White ver. and Official MyBachis Novelties: Know about White ver.'s next update and more stuff about the Official MyBachis!
  • Everybody Comments! Livestream Challenge: Not sure why anyone would think otherwise, but let's be ensured that there will be the usual four-stage (10000/30000/50000/76500) comment challenge for all.
★   ★   ★

New Songs: White ver. Version Update (V5.07)
 Dokkin 魔法つかいプリキュア! Dokkin Mahou Tsukai PreCure!
 QUESTION 「暗殺教室」より Assassination Classroom
 talking 「すべてがFになる THE PERFECT INSIDER」より Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider
 ほうかご☆マジシャン まりんべーす Houkago☆Magician Marine Base

Updating with all brand-new Anime themes and this one new Namco Original with a subtitled artist we do not know! Ready for some after-school magic?

But wait, that's not all! With the various preliminaries incoming for WCS2016, the new songs are also coming in by the batches, starting with these before the update:

New Songs: World Championship 2016 Shop Preliminary
 輝きを求めて Kagayaki o Motomete Versus (added 2/11)
 Choco Chiptune. Ancraft (added 2/18)
 トオリヨ テヅカ feat.鏡音リン・鏡音レン Toori Yo Tezuka feat. Kagamine Rin/Kagamine Len (added 2/25)

New Functions: Close Folder (とじる) Panels
Now for every few songs there will be a Close Folder Panel added that lets you close with just one hit. You know, since not everyone can pull out quick left-right rim hits to close the folders (which will not be removed, in case you're wondering).

New Functions: Search by Difficulty (むずかしさからえらぶ)
Great for intensive training at a stuck level, with this new function you can find songs by their difficulty ratings! ...well that was not hard to induce from the name, but still.


(1) Pick the difficulty level (Kantan/Futsuu/Muzukashii/Oni)
(2) And pick the rating out of that level (say Muzukashii ★5)

(3) Confirm for a last time
(4) And whoosh all the songs with that level and rating will be shown!

(5) The view also shows the tallies of crowns for that level/rating for statistics or bragging rights on the side (if you have Donder profile used i.e. Banapassport etc.).
(6) You can also pick Difficulty Last Picked (前回あそんだむずかしさ) or Suggested Difficulty (おすすめのむずかしさ) for easier shortcuts

  • Usable in 2P! But you might have to talk between yourselves to decide on which rating to choose.
  • The songs do not sort by difficulty like in 2nd generation arcades, but is in the same order as in the master view.

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