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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Namco Taiko Blog (4 February 2016) - Taiko 2016 Tourney's Final Recap and Updates on White Version's Ranking Dojo Bugs


It's recap day once again for the Taiko Team, as today's dual-entry post is about the World Championship 2016 tournament details digressed during the past World Hobby Fair/Tokaigi events, with a slice of update of what's the current situation with the Ranking Dojo bugs.

While we're not returning on the already-discussed tourney points in the post that we were already aware of in some of our latest Quick Takeaways (link), it's best to linger around the save-breaking issues of the latest Ranking Dojo incarnation.

Coming from the saving issues and other disasters that occurred on Game Version 3.09 launch day (link to the related Taiko Blog entry), the Team managed to release a new update version (now Game Version 3.10) in order to correct any issues regarding the incorrect saving of titles and outfits related to the Ranking Dojo courses played. This is an issue that has been fixed as of today, as well as being notified in an emergency blog entry last Monday, which unfortunately were not aware at the time. For those who are interested to read that one, the links for all the mentioned entries are at the bottom of this post.

In today's situation update, instead, Etou wants to address the issues that are NOT fixed as of today: the course pass/fail history in people's Donder Hiroba profiles and X-DAY2000's misplaced unlock. The Team is working between today and tomorrow in order to release another software update to fix both issues and set the unlocking of X-DAY2000 to the Juudan course, as it was originally intended.

For the next Taiko Team blog update, we'll see you next Wednesday, as Feb 11th is a festive day in Japan (National Foundation day). See you there!

Arcade World Chanmpionship 2016 Details
White Version's Emergency v3.10 Update (29 January)
White Version's Emergency v3.10 Update (4 February)

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