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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Taiko Plus - Tokaigi 2016 Score Attack!

As the Taiko Plus app is gearing up for the incoming return of Niconico's yearly gaming convention, all players have a shot of making the wait even merrier, thanks to the app's third Score Attack campaign.

This time around, players will have to rack up as many points as they can through four tracks, which have been made available for free since yesterday: Vocaloid track duet M.S.S.Planet/Senbonzakura and Game Music couple Wasabi Body Blow/Namcot Medley. All the songs will be playable for free until the end of the campaign on January 31st, 3 pm (Japan time), with the exception of the Namcot Medley which is going to be a permanently-free addition.

The goals -also listed on the score attack's webpage- range from 5 to 55 Billion points, with the first three rewards regarding Don-chan and Terebi-chan (Niconico's TV-shaped mascot), while the ultimate price is set to bring some free songs for everyone:

5 Billion: Don-chan/Terebi-chan phone wallpaper
15 Billion: Custom Don-chan/Terebi-chan phone theme
30 Billion: Terebi-chan outfit for Taiko +
55 Billion: Limited free release of Soul Calibur II, Wings of Tomorrow (Tatsujin Mix) and KAGEKIYO

The collaboration efforts are rounded up with a brief comic about Don-chan and Terebi-chan's first encounter, in the same spirit of the (still ongoing) 2nd Synchronica collaboration event. Give it a watch if you like, but don't draw too close to your computer monitor!

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