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Sunday, January 31, 2016

[ERRATA CORRIGE] - Sorairo Soundtrack CD's Real Songlist


Thanks to the efforts of Taiko gaming blogger eSports-runner (link), we're sad to report that the Sorairo Version soundtrack's song list that we listed on our blog (according to the information/hints provided by the Taiko Team in one of their livestreams) is actually wrong, as no CreoFuga song is inside the album.

The flip cover above lists what's actually inside the album, featuring all the previously-covered exclusive prototype versions and all of Sorairo Version's Namco Original songs released on that firmware board, with off-vocal versions of all the songs with lyrics (except Kimi no Planet, which gets Haru no Yume instead). It's also worth mentioning that there are three versions of Phoenix inside!

Once again, we apologize for the wrong information being posted on this website up to now. We're currently working to write down the album's actual song list on its page in the Others section.

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