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Friday, January 1, 2016

2nd Tenkaichi Otogesai's Taiko Final Phase Songs

Nothing says 'Start of a New Year' better than recapping old news! Above is the song selection for the latest Tenkaichi Otogesai's Finals song selection for the Taiko division, which was held between December 19 and 20 last year.

The contestants of the Taiko division had a 'Best-of-5+ Wins' match with the AOU '15 Phase 2 song (Yoake Made Ato 3-byou) and other Namco Originals, including both recent additions (Shiny Kung-fu Revival, Shikou no Ran) and collaboration-shared boss song Kita Saitama 2000 as the 3rd fixed song to play. If after the 4th match the win results was even, further playoff matches were made with the Tenkaichi 2014's Phase 2 crossovers (in the order of Ignis Danse, Scars of FAUNA, VERTeX and FUJIN Rumble) until one of the players doesn't manage to get a bigger score than the other contestant. The songs were all played on Oni mode, with the Shin'uchi modifier on.

Now that this phase was settled down, the only event left is the last match among all finalists at the incoming JAEPO, on February 20th. After said data, it's most likely to assume that the AOU-exclusive tracks will become available in every other public arcade, as the tourney comes to an end.

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