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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

White ver./Idolm@ster Must Songs Update Post


Dual releases asks for a dual update post!

Must Songs: Last update: Dec 24 | No of updates: 11 | No. of Songs: 40+40 | Song List
Key: Red = song in Red AlbumBlue = song in Blue Album
White ver.: Last update: Dec 13 | No of updates: 10 | No. of Songs: 513 | Song List
Key: Orange = series debutGreen = arcade debut

Until the update post is open, other stories on this blog will also be documented here as "Breaking News", with links leading to the related page.

MS11. With the final videos added to the Must Songs song list, we can FINALLY close this Update Post for good. Stay tuned for our Unlock Guide!

MS10. More videos are added to our song list in the half-week wait, including the final two new Ura notecharts in Blue Album. We suggest you to follow or even subscribe to YouTube users like talo_game, who has been providing high quality capture videos of autoplay since V Version and continued for Must Songs, for a more timely update of First Videos.

MS9. Approaching the end of the update post's life cycle, we conclude multiple final details of the games' system:

  • Some of the data can be passed between the two versions if your PS Vita has save data of both. The game will check for the other version's save data at startup showing a dialogue box, and proceeds to pass data if found.
  • Unlocking of elements happens to both completing the stamp album and from receiving idol's letters. The latter could be harder because the requirements are not explicitly written out like in the stamp album, but most involves playing songs and live productions that involves each idol multiple times. Our upcoming Unlock List (and for the meantime wikihouse's) should help when it comes!
  • The Taiko drum dancers (multi-colored) might be a recycling of GUMI's side dancers, being so similar.

W10. As the song list page is already up on our blog, the arcade side of this update post is now closed. While we wait for the remaining Must Songs videos, take a look at our livestream recap to catch up with the latest Taiko-related news!

MS8. And a small interpretation to what we see: there is no new notechart revamp like in the AC0 collab or 3DS2 DLC. All new notecharts to existing songs (Overmaster, The world is all one!!, MUSIC♪) are all done with adding new Ura notecharts and keeping the regular set (at least Oni) intact. GO MY WAY!! also gets its deserved "legacy Ura notechart" in this game following that decision in mid-2015.

W9/MS7. First Videos, batch 2:

MS6. Our song list page for both Im@s titles is now updated with all the ratings and the videos known so far! Once we've gathered the remaining videos/details, we'll be free to close the console side of this update post.

MS5. Acceleration Ura Oni (10★ Ura Oni/961 notes) purchasable from shop after collecting 85 stamps.

BREAKING NEWS - [Breaking] Across Japan: Follow-suit Norudon and Follow-suit Chaos

BREAKING NEWS - Namco Taiko Blog (December 10 2015): Taiko no Tatsujin Official MyBachi Talk

W8/MS4. First Videos, batch 1:

MS3. First Video: Live Festival mode, with Red Album's Debut Commemoration Live (Red Album). This video gives explanations to the crazy (e.g. 700+ in Futsuu) combo counts shown in PVs, as the combo counts is kept between songs, like Ranking Dojo and Medley modes. Shame it did not have a better transition between Path Forking songs and non-PF songs. Also both THE IDOLM@STER and GO MY WAY!! have their newest notecharts in AC0/Vita1 and 3DS2 respectively.

W7/MS2. List of completely new songs' rating sets and selected note counts:
  • ANTI-HERO 3/4/6/8+9 (600)
  • I my moko 3/5/6/8 (465)
  • Jinsei Dramatic 2 (PMS)/2/4/7
  • Angelic Angel 3 (113)/4/4/7 (554)
  • Snow halation 3/4/5/6 (384)
  • Gigantic OTN 3/6/7/9 (889)
  • Last Brutal Sister Flandre S 4/6/7/10
  • Scream out Tatsujin Edit. 3/5/6/8 (792)+9 (999)
  • Honnouji no Hen 3/5/6/8 (473)
  • DBH God Mission Series 3/4/5/7
  • Ai Must Go 3/3/3/8 (414)
  • Love Fantasy 4/6/6/8 (649)
  • KUSANAGI 5/6/7/9 (745)
  • Kagutsuchi 4/6/7/9 (719)

W6. Third (and final?) DonPoint unlock song is BLAZING VORTEX (+Ura), hailing from Vita1. 513 songs

W5. Second DonPoint unlock song is EAT'EM UP, the second Synchronica song to be on arcade Taiko no Tatsujin (first in the full series, tied with Yoake Made Ato 3-byou). 512 songs

W4. Idolm@ster songs GOIN'!!!, Star!! and Shine!! moved genres from Anime to Game Music.

W3. ANTI-HERO and Scream out Tatsujin Edit. has reported Ura notecharts.

W2. Norudon 2000 is now available in default, but the title can still be unlocke with the same conditions.

W1. First DonPoint unlock song, at a reported 4000 pts, is Kikyoku series' Chouren ~Obsession~ (+Ura). 511 songs

W0. White ver. starts from 489 Murasaki + 24 announced new/returning - 3 removals = 510 songs

BREAKING NEWS - Quick Takeaways: December 9/10 Livestream

MS1. This screenshot of Full Combo-ed Positive! has the same maximum combo number as the Master route from AC8. Source (Baidu Tieba)

MS0. Must Songs start with 40 songs on Red Album and 40 songs on Blue Album.

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