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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (24 December 2015) - A Look Back, Then Two Steps Forward

For Eto's final 2015 Taiko Blog update, we got a handy reminder of all the exciting arcade-related content that is going to be introduced between today and 2016's good part of the first half. Among the topics remembers we already knew about are White Version's first update (live today!) and the Love Live!/Synchronica collaborations starting with it, as well as January 2016's monthly unlocks.

What's new for the post, however, is the official awarding of the 14 winners from the latest Taiko-related CreoFuga contest. By heading to the Results page, it's also possible to hear the judges' thoughts on the winners, together with their Honorable Mentions.

Between this entry and the already-announced Taiko Team hiatus, that's the last we'll hear of them this year. See you in January 7th, 2016!

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