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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Im@s Corner: THE iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars

Released on September 17, 2009 for Nintendo DS, this is the first Idolm@ster game of the '2nd Vision' line of games, building up the gaming universe from the previous games' story. It's also the only currently-released game of the series on Nintendo systems.

Dearly Stars is yet another spin-off title of the series, in which players take the role of one of the three new aspiring idols on their journey to join the 876 Production talent agency and become popular idols themselves. Gameplay-wise, it's the same formula as the one of the main-line titles, only with the difference of handling one of the three newcomer characters on their Story (or the returning Stage mode). All the idols from the previous games also appear in the title as already-affirmed celebrities affiliated to 765 Pro.

The main features of this game lie on the Nintendo DS console's capabilities, allowing to play a cheering mini-game with up to 16 players -both locally and online- and a Download Play option for demo versions and exclusive interviews to the newly-introduced idols. If the game is put into a Japanese Nintendo DSi, it's also possible to acquire extra outfit parts by scanning selected QR codes.

As the game marks the debut of only 4 songs, Dearly Stars' presence into Taiko gaming is the weakest from the franchise yet, with the song "HELLO!!" as its only representative.


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