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Friday, December 11, 2015

[Breaking] Across Japan: Follow-suit Norudon and Follow-suit Chaos

Following the White ver. Update Post, Asia's Murasaki ver. also has Norudon 2000 becoming available at default. The four limited unlocks from livestream goals are also opening on schedule. No official announcements from the official FB page yet though.
Addendum (2015/12/11): Limited release announcement here

But there are also reports that following these additions Asian cabinets are suffering from a fatal error, where a lot of supposedly Japan-exclusive songs becoming choosable on the song list, but crashes the game when actually chosen (eg. this tweet by a Korean Donder, when Getta Banban is not supposed to be on Asian Murasaki yet).

According to some of the Asian Donders, asking for a full reboot of the cabinet done by arcade staff should help with the situation. Before that, try to avoid songs that shouldn't be playable o not lose a credit.

Addendum (2015/12/12): Norudon 2000 opening is apparently also part of the problem too. Other irregularities that happened include Kechadon 2000 and Many wow bang! disappearing, both being unlockable in Japan but default in Asia.

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