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Thursday, November 5, 2015

V Version (Chinese) - B'in Music Popular Song Pack 2 + Others!

While no press release has been made about this subject matter, the day of the release of the Popular Song Pack 7 in Japan also marks the launch of a new Chinese-exclusive DLC pack, under the name of B'in Music Popular Song Pack 2 (相信音樂人氣樂曲組合包 2). For the price of HK$21 / NT$90, said pack holds the following songs:

 吼 MP魔幻力量
Gorilla Magic Power
 那你呢 宇宙人
And You? Cosmos People
 入陣曲 五月天
Into The Array Song Mayday

It's also worth mentioning that three of the Japanese Popular Song Pack 7 tracks (more specifically, Yubisaki Kara Hajimaru Monogatari, Bravely You and Calculator) can be bought individually for HK$10 / NT$43 each.

To nicely round up this blog entry, the Touhou Arrange Song Pack is also coming to the Not-Japanese V Version games for free, with both the songs and the Hakurei Reimu outfit. Grab it before the free download offer is gone!

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