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Thursday, October 29, 2015

V Version Update: Popular Song Pack 7 + DLC Poll Suggestion Part 2 + Nippon Falcom Collab!

Today we're also getting the promised news about Taiko no Tatsujin V Version, as its official website got updated once again. There's a lot of meat in this grill, so scout closely this post to its very end!

Popular Song Pack 7

  •  Bokura wa Ima no Naka de (僕らは今のなかで) Love Live! NEW!
  •  Bravely You Charlotte NEW!
  • 「HERO」-Main Title-
  •  Yubisaki Kara Hajimaru Monogatari (指先からはじまる物語) Shingun Destroy! NEW!
  •  Calculator
The Popular Song Pack brand turns 7 on Ps Vita as well, with its latest iteration being available on November 5th

Returning to the style of the first DLC packs, both old and new songs pop up for everyone to enjoy, such as Taiko Tokumori's launch new Variety song and the latest Love Live song on Taiko games (which, according to this tweet, turns out to be the last winner of the launch DLC Suggestion poll!). For some odd reason, however, it looks like M-O-T-U won't be credited in Calculator's subtitle this time around... 

Among the new inclusions are the opening theme of the recently-released Anime series Charlotte and the theme song of yet another mobile game after the seasoned Chaos Rings, Puzzle & Dragons and Chain Chronicle. 

Remember that the Touhou Arrange song pack will be launched to the public in the same day, free of charge until January 7th of the next year!

DLC Poll Suggestion Campaign... Part 2! feat. Nippon Falcom

You read that right, folks: we haven't seen the last of fan-suggested DLC content yet! Together with the two aforementioned packs' release, V Version's website will host another song DLC suggestion corner on November 5th, from 11 am (Japan time). This poll will close on November's end, so make your voice count one more time for your favorite tracks to be chosen!

As you can see from the banner above, Nippon Falcom is officially joining this poll, as one of Part 1's winners was a GM track from one of NF's franchises (Senko no Yukue, from The Legend of Heroes). This partnership will add a bonus perk to this poll: among the other song winners, the one that will net the biggest amount of votes will become available to everyone as a free download. Whether it will be a Taiko no Tatsujin track, a Nippon Falcom one or a general license, it's win-win for everyone!

EDIT: Errata corrige for a misunderstanding from our side. The Nippon Falcom part of the collaboration is actually separated from the main 2nd poll, with Falcom and the Taiko Team picking 10 tracks to vote among the Ys, The Legend of Heroes and Tokyo Xanadu franchises.

The 3 most voted among the 10 featured Falcom songs contestants will appear on V Version as future DLC content and the most voted among these three songs will be distributed for free.

1 comment:

  1. Clarification: Falcom's part is rather separate from the rest of the campaign. Taiko Team and Nippon Falcon will pick out 10 songs, people votes out 3 to put in DLC, and the best popularity out of the 3 is additionally release limited free.

    Putting here first and see if the guys or later myself to work that in