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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Across Japan - Eleven's The Un(b)eatable Number: October Facebook Tournament Results


Get it? Taberuna mean "not to eat"? …okay. Still, the 11-way tie between Korean and Hong Kong Donders Donderful Combo-ing Taberuna 2000 Oni should be the highlight of this month's tourney result (it would have been a 12-way tie had 12th place's Iyaro from Hong Kong not let his hand loose at a large note somewhere in his DFC run). Let us marvel at half the table tinted orange.

Less astonishing in the Muzukashii department with the speed devil Charlie Dash, Hong Kong's Molamola~ takes it with only 5 good hits. Shoutout to Donders in Malaysia from which Rudu also hails from, who makes it in the rankings snatching a 19th place after the regrettable miss last month.

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