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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Across Japan: All Kinds of Autumn: October Facebook Tournament

Continuing to follow the popular autumnal sayings Autumn of Appetite (食欲の秋), Autumn of Arts (芸術の秋), Autumn of Sports (スポーツの秋) (and whatever else that might have propped up as the writing of this) is the October song choices for the monthly Facebook tournament with AC0 Murasaki ver. Asian version:

Taberuna 2000 Oni (10★) → Autumn of Appetite (Taberuna = don't eat)
Charlie Dash! Muzukashii (8★) → Autumn of Arts (classical music is well considered as art)
And that both being rather erratic complex notecharts → Autumn of Sports (?)

This tournament runs from October 10~18 and results will be announced on the 21st. Plan out your trips to the arcades now, and remember that Gekkabijin will stay for only a few more days if you haven't played it yet.

Speaking of, have you been testing yourselves at the finally-arrived Ranking Dojo mode? If you are curious about the usual Dojo statistic charts for the Asian version, stay tuned to the official Facebook page where they will be released in the near future.

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