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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (September 10 2015) - WCS2016 Inside Thoughts (1)

Being literally the "development blog" for the Taiko no Tatsujin, let's actually talk about developing in today's blog post! ...Well technically you don't develop a championship tournament, you organize one, but let's talk regardless. Here is the first (of possibly more) of the inner thoughts that Etou and the Taiko Team has when ruling up the World Championship 2016!

One of the most notable changes to WCS2016 from previous tournaments, if not the most notable, is that in the Japan side of things it is put into the elementary-school-and-down and middle-school-and-up divisions. But why the division, and even then why divide here?

That is because it is a convenient line to divide out the fledgling Donders, when elementary school is and has been the point where current Donders start out, both in arcade and console Taiko no Tatsujin. While some definitely have honed their skills to even Full-Comboing higher-end Namco Original songs beautifully, an actual tournament round can be way too taxing of a hurdle for the novices. Therefore this time the Team tries to get everyone into fun with a lower caliber section. So in short:

  • elementary-school-and-down = everyone enjoy yourselves, regardless of skills
  • middle-school-and-up = real deal tourney, aim for the best

Of course there are going to be consideration like fledgling Donders also come beyond middle school levels, but this at least is better than the one-division from previous years, eh? And with the Donder community, the Taiko Team will also work hard to bring more exciting experiences like more events, more songs and more challenges!

We encourage you also check the original post for the fullest of Etou's thoughts that we might have butchered here. And stay tuned from the Team and us for more news.

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