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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Touhou Project x Taiko no Tatsujin: 2015, aka Petit Bullet Hell Wars


Namco/Taiko no Tatsujin and Team Shanghai Alice/Touhou Project have been getting along really nicely for some years, that we will get collaborations of them big and small, here and there. Check out this upcoming bigger ones starting September 1 7:00 until October 18 25:59 (that's October 19 01:59).

Campaign 1: Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS
Having soaked in spotlight with two installments of the Reitaisai event, here are the four songs spawned from this crossover finally going public:

 郢曲/暁闇 東方Project × NAMCO SOUNDS Linda AI-CUE
Eikyoku/Gyouan Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS Linda AI-CUE
 ライコタイコディスコ 東方Project × NAMCO SOUNDS 渡辺量
Raiko Taiko Disco Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS Ryo Watanabe
 深緋の心臓 -SCARLET HEART- 東方Project × NAMCO SOUNDS kyo feat. あさな (IOSYS)
Kokihi no Shinzou -SCARLET HEART- Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS kyo feat. Asana (IOSYS)
 Ladystar Wandering 東方Project × NAMCO SOUNDS 中鶴潤一
Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS Junichi Nakatsuru

Campaign 2: Touhou Project × NAMCO SOUNDS
Play any Touhou Project arrangement tunes to get tickets, which you can trade in for these Touhou Project Petitcharas! Within September 1~30, two-player qualifying plays gives one extra ticket to both!

Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sakuya Izayoi, Alice Margatroid
Remilia Scarlet, Cirno and Raiko Horikawa

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